UPDF Issues Public Alert Over New ADF Infiltration, Calls For Vigilance Amidst Terror Threats

UPDF Issues Public Alert Over New ADF Infiltration, Calls For Vigilance Amidst Terror Threats

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) has called upon the general public to remain vigilant and watch out for potential attacks by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) after receiving intelligence regarding a new infiltration by ADF operatives into Uganda.

The warning follows the recent collaborative efforts between UPDF and FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) that dispersed the ADF into the dense forests of the DRC, prompting retaliatory actions from the terrorist organization that has terrorized Uganda and DRC for years.

Recently, Uganda has witnessed a surge of violence instigated by ADF terrorists who entered via the Kasese district under the command of Kamusi and Njovu have carried out attacks that resulted into the death of tourists, attacked Lhubiriha secondary school and killed students, burnt a lorry carrying traders among other attacks in Kamwenge district in western Uganda.


Following the attacks, UPDF launched a manhunt for the culprits and Kamusi was later eliminated while Njovu was arrested and is currently undergoing trial.

Now according to UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Col Deo Akiiki, there is an infiltration of another group led by Ahamed Muhamood Hassan aka Abu Waqas, a Tanzanian ADF bomb expert, and his associates including Muhammed Issa, Amigo Kibirige aka Simba, Muhamad Lumisa, and Nasser Hamid Diiru and one of them is suspected to have been sent by Abu Waqas for the current mission.


Col. Deo Akiiki further noted that his has compelled securing agencies to scale-up vigilance and are on high alert to protect Ugandans like they have always done adding that they are planning to deploy local vigilante groups to curb ADF violence are under consideration, with strategies being shared between Uganda and the DRC to address the cross-border threat

“It is simply suicidal for these terrorists to continue making terrorism adventures into Uganda,” he said.

”We are sharing all plans with our counterparts including some of the proposals the two heads of state (Uganda and DRC) shared on employment of LDUs (Local Vigilante groups) to stop killing,” he added.


He further implored Ugandans to remain vigilant, identify and report any suspicious individuals or packages to relevant authorities.

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