UPDF Soldier Arrested For Shooting Three Colleagues In Somalia

UPDF Soldier Arrested For Shooting Three Colleagues In Somalia

By Spy Uganda

UPDF soldier has been arrested after shooting three fellow officers deployed in Mogadishu, Somalia.

According to UPDF Spokesperson, Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye, the incident happened at Ajazera gate at the Base Camp, the headquarters of the Ugandan Contingent at about 6:00am Monday.

He said the motive of the shooting had not yet been identified.

“It is true that one of our UPDF soldiers shot and killed his colleagues in Somalia, where they are deployed on a security mission. UPDF has put in place a board of inquiry to investigate the cause of the fatal incident,” he said.


He added, “The suspect behind the incident was arrested and we already have him in our custody. After the investigations, he will be charged accordingly.”

UPDF has over 6,000 soldiers serving under AMISOM in Somalia. The forces are praised for holding back Al-Shabaab insurgents that had taken over the country.

The AMISOM armies have liberated key townships and historical areas like Kismayu, Red Seas mosque, rebuilding Somalia institutions that have now helped the governments to operate somehow independently.

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