Use Them At Your Own Risk: Traffic Police Intensify Operations Against Illegal Use Of Sirens, Flashlights

Use Them At Your Own Risk: Traffic Police Intensify Operations Against Illegal Use Of Sirens, Flashlights

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety in conjunction with the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) has intensified operations against the illegal use of illegal sirens and flashlights on vehicles and motorcycles.

According to ACP Eng. Kirungi Suleiman, the Commissioner Inspectorate of Vehicles, the development is in a bid to implement the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Under the guidelines, motor vehicles or motorcycles installed with sirens and flashlights will be impounded and the drivers arrested and/or fined through the issuance of the EPS once caught.

Traffic Police noted that under Section 63 c/s A & B amendment Act 2020, an offender can be charged with the illegal installation of a siren and can be fined up to a tune of 4 million at the discretion of the Magistrate, or imprisoned for 6 months.

On the other hand, in a bid to implement adherence to the new driving license system, ”the IOV team has met with all directors and owners of driving schools from across the country. The meeting was called to address possible challenges in getting driving permits, produce competent drivers and set standards for drivers to streamline driver training and testing,” says police.

Police add that dangerous habit is still being exploited by indisciplined drivers, and therefore those drivers, motorists including Boda Boda riders who will be found to be using emergency lights and sirens on roads illegally, will now have them confiscated and the suspects charged in courts of law.

The concerns from the public are that motorists including Boda Bodas with sirens and Flashlights pose a very serious danger to other road users and the public while illegally using them.

The errant motorists discharge high-density lights causing more glare, causing obstruction oncoming traffic or temporary blindness to the drivers especially at night and it must stop. an accessible web community

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