Valentines Day: ICT Minister Kabyanga,The Love Champion! Here’s What You Missed At Fairway Hotel

Valentines Day: ICT Minister Kabyanga,The Love Champion! Here’s What You Missed At Fairway Hotel

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: To all the lovers who rightly chose to be at the Fairway Hotel on the night of 14th February, it will remain a night to remember in their lives because the treat, the Afrigo band love balads, the 4 course food menu, the ambiance at swimming pool side at the coco bar, the nice looking couples, is what tantalized Wednesday night at the kafu road based most thought ‘after work’ relaxation center, Fairway Hotel.

Couples started trekking in as early as 6pm and by 8pm, Coco bar gardens and the Asian fusion sections were filled to capacity. Couples could be seen entering in pairs and spent most times sharing pleasantries. 

One of such guests was state minister for ICT and National guidance Hon. Godfrey Kabyanga who trekked with his beautiful wife from as far as the Rwenzori mountains in Kasese to Fairway Hotel in Kampala. The other stunning couples of the night seen into each other all night was KFM’S evening show driver commonly known as the “Romantic Mukiga”. Rightfully,he befits this title considering the fact that he comes from Kigezi Sub-region where love is measured on how strong is your chest rather than softness in dealing with matters of the heart.

Fairway Hotel Valentine’s Day was indeed an intimate atmosphere coupled with captivating and mesmerizing tunes of Afrigo band, so when we tell you next Valentine, you know where to go with your loved one.

Aside from Afrigo Band’s soothing music with Recheal Magoola taking her fans through her oldest hits like Obangaina, Couples enjoyed a gourmet Valentine’s Day dinner, expertly crafted by Fairway Hotel’s culinary team, with the 4 course menu featuring all delicacies, exquisite desserts with wines and bottles of champagne popping in the air.

As Afrigo band dropped their soulful ballads, the happy couples hit the dance floor and swayed to the romantic tunes, creating cherished memories.

Key to note is that Fairway Hotel’s staff as usual ensured impeccable service and attended to the needs of each couple with attention to detail. From a dedicated server catering to the table to discreetly ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to this, couples can testify to the feeling of luxury and pampering they experienced on Wednesday.

As the night drew to an end, couples left with a sense of fulfillment, having experienced a Valentine’s Day celebration that combined sophistication, the culinary delights of a gourmet candlelight dinner, and the romantic ambiance created by Fairway.

It was indeed an evening filled with love, music, and the enchantment of a truly special Valentine’s Day celebration at Fairway Hotel, the first hotel to host a Catholic Pope in Uganda ever. See you next year…..

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