Victoria Univ.Prof.Tips Government On How To Deal With Surging Youth Unemployment

Victoria Univ.Prof.Tips Government On How To Deal With Surging Youth Unemployment an accessible web community

By Peter Ssebulime

The vice chancellor Victoria University Associate Prof. Krishna N Sharma has advised administrators and lecturers in higher institutions of learning to think outside the box and focus on holistic Education that shapes students to be Entrepreneurs rather than job seekers.

Krishna said this while officiating at Victoria Univ.first year students’ party held at Kampala parents School on Sunday, where the University ‘killed’ freshers with lots of drinks, eats, dance among others.

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He advised that one of the ways Government can deal with youth unemployment is by making it mandatory for students to practice something they’ve studied or any other supplementary skill before they graduate. Her said this is to ensure that the child has really left University with a skill that could make them survive on their own than depending on others.

“We are providing our students with weekly internships in our companies, to shape them and feed them with practical skills so that by the time they graduate, they know what to do since we have various places where they can practice what they have studied, so that they are exposed, they are connected to various people and this is very important for them to have an open mind” he said.

Victoria is located along Jinja road next to railway grounds and admissions for new students are still on going. an accessible web community

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