Video Evidence: Here Are The Girls Who Invaded & Stole $15000 From Capt.Kasaami

Video Evidence: Here Are The Girls Who Invaded & Stole $15000 From Capt.Kasaami

By Spy Uganda

Secrets behind Rt. Flight Captain John Kasaami’s woes have been unearthed revealing a couple of girls who stole USD15000 from his home before circulating various false statements via all social media platforms to tarnish his name.

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Our investigative reporter has discovered that online trending videos against Kasaami including those accusing him of operating gay activities in Uganda they all emanate from an incident where a group of girls visited him at his home, then asked for the toilets to ease themselves, on the way to the loose they passed by his drawer, opened it and stole his money.

Watch The Video Above Showing Two Ladies Sorting Dollar Papers Allegedly Stolen From Kasaami’s Home

After discovering that his money was stolen, Kasaami later reported at Entebbe police and they were arrested. In a bid to set themselves innocent, they started conniving with poverty-stricken former NTV staff Dean Lubowa Saava to ensure they malign him.

It’s alleged that Saava first sent his emissaries and demanded shs100m to ‘kill the scandal’ or hue would suffer from the negativity it will create him. Of course, the battle-hardened retired captain rubbished him.

This prompted Saava to start recording live videos via his social media platforms including YouTube smashing all sorts of dirt against the 70+-year-old Muzei Kasaami, a devoted Catholic who never misses a morning mass daily at Bugonga Church Entebbe.

According to the video that has been trending online, Saava alleges that Captain John Kasaami, rented a hostel in Kampala city where they train and recruit the youth into homosexuality, although he doesn’t mention the name of the hostel or location. As if that’s not enough, the former NTV journalist who was disgracefully kicked from the Serena based station over claims that he would use the station’s hard-earned reputation to defraud the public, alleged that Kasaami also used his Bulago Island On L.Victoria, in connivance with songbird Irene Namubiru to murder a male victim over yet to be known reasons—–which claims have gone proof-less according to our investigations. an accessible web community

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