Vision Group CEO Kabushenga Swallows Pride, Pleads Guilty Of ‘Conning’ Listeners With Fake Illuminati Money

Vision Group CEO Kabushenga Swallows Pride, Pleads Guilty Of ‘Conning’ Listeners With Fake Illuminati Money

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Robert Kabushenga, the Chief Executive Officer of Vision Group, was on Wednesday forced to coil his tail and apologise to thousands of people who had gathered at the Vision group offices to pick free Shs5m Illuminati Money.

 Trouble started on Tuesday when Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) president Bashir Kazibwe hosted a man identified as Kamada Kiryowa, who claims to be a member of the Illuminati secret society and that he was going to give out money to the tune of Shs5m to all Bukedde FM listeners, who he told to go to the station on Wednesday to pick free money.

So on Wednesday morning, hundreds of Boda Boda riders and ‘regular people on foot’ stormed Vision Group offices and waited for Kamada Mulyowa to give them the said money, allegedly from Illuminati.They came from as far as Mbarara, Mbale and Rakai among other places. (Ultram)

However, they waited all day, without seeing Kamada or the money. Later in afternoon the crowd became agitated and started demanding to either see Kamada Kiryowa, Kazibwe or their money.

Before long Vision Group was under siege by a mob of angry and hungry poverty-stricken Ugandans who were capable of doing anything.

The Police and Local Defence Unit (LDUs) personnel who had been on watch since 7:00am used teargas to disperse the crowd but they refused to leave, claiming New Vision management and staff wanted to take their money. 

Video: CEO Kabushenga apologizing to the gathered crowd

So to calm the situation down, the  CEO himself had to get out of his air conditioned office and go sweat plasma as he laboured to explain that Kiryowa is a crook who had hoodwinked them, because there was nothing like Illuminati money.

After calming down the agagitated crowd that was heckling him, Kabushenga ‘innocently’, in a calm tone said; “Please the man is a Mufere (crook or conman). He made us Kufera you.We are sorry. Please we are sorry so forgive us.”

Spy Uganda has since learnt that Kiryowa is a self proclaimed head of Illuminati in Uganda and  is said to have made the pronouncement on Tuesday evening during a talk show hosted by  Kazibwe  on Bukedde Radio.

However, Kazibwe and Kiryowa have remained silent about the matter, with none of them revealing why the listeners did not get their money as promised.Watch this space…. an accessible web community

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