”Wanainchi Will Appreciate Your Work Only When You Respect Law”-CDF Mbadi To UPDF Officers

”Wanainchi Will Appreciate Your Work Only When You Respect Law”-CDF Mbadi To UPDF Officers

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The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Wilson Mbadi has asked participants at the ongoing Operational Expert Legal Advisors (LEGAD) and Commanders Workshop to respect laws in an operational setting for the success of missions.

This was pronounced by the UPDF Director of Training Brig Gen Fred Twinamasiko at the Imperial Golf View Hotel in Entebbe while representing Gen Mbadi at the ongoing Operational Legal Advisors Experts Workshop organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

He mentioned that respecting laws builds respect for the mission when people are protected and victims of armed conflict are protected. “The preparation of experts through workshops is one of the key tenets of preparing Officers to be able to undertake the functions and responsibilities of Legal Advisors in an operational setting,” he highlighted.

”The ICRC has been active in Uganda since 1979 and continues to be active to date. As a Country and the UPDF, we appreciate the good work ICRC is doing in ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. ICRC continues to exhibit timely response to emergencies and at the same time, you promote respect for International Humanitarian law and its implementation in National Law,” said Brig Gen Fred Twinamasiko.


He added that in 2006, the ICRC and UPDF signed a directive on the requirement to ensure the training of Military personnel on International Humanitarian Law and a directive Command to ensure the dissemination of IHL to soldiers.

He acknowledged the training provided by ICRC to all UPDF Personnel on International Humanitarian law, human rights, refugee law, IDPs, supporting disaster activities and protection of civilians in times of Armed conflict and post-conflict. “It is in line with these activities that the workshop will provide a platform for exchanges between military practitioners, military academics and Humanitarians in training and dissemination,” said Brig Gen Fred Twinamasiko.

The Regional Delegation to Uganda, Rwanda and Bujumbura who is also the Head of Operations Kampala Mr. Martin Agura Oguya noted that they are gathered to engage in a comprehensive exploration of issues surrounding the employment of Operational Legal Advisors across the Africa Region.

He added that the workshop aims at understanding the challenges and opportunities in this field and identifying strategies to enhance the Operational effectiveness of LEGADs.

He expressed his gratitude to the Government of Uganda and host Country, and the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) for the proactive inputs. “Thank you South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Sudan, Mali, Kenya, Burundi, the Netherlands and Switzerland; for your contribution towards the success of this workshop by sending Operational Legal Advisors and Commanders,” he elaborated.

Mr. Martin Agura informed guests that the Workshop has been carefully designed to cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the subject. “We will delve into areas such as National Legislation governing the employment of LEGADs, the selection and training of these advisors, their routine employment, as well as their crucial role in the preparation and conduct of Military Operations,” said the Head of Operations.

He urged participants to foster an environment of open dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaborative problem-solving.

Present at the workshop was the UPDF Chief of Legal Services Brig Gen Gordan Busingye, Brig Gen Hirpo Mesheda Areda-Ethiopia, Division Operations Training Officer Col Amstrong Ndugga, Commandant Legal Training Centre Lt Col Suzan Mwanga, Lt Col Arthur Te Lintelo-Netherlands, Lt Col Felix Kioko- Kenya, Col Carl Marchand- Switzerland, Regional Facilitators, ICRC Staff and Course Participants, among others.

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