”We Now Aim To Equip Our Students With Skills Not Just Academic Papers”- Victoria University Launches Career Readiness & Employability Program

”We Now Aim To Equip Our Students With Skills Not Just Academic Papers”- Victoria University Launches Career Readiness & Employability Program

By Spy Uganda

Victoria University has today launched a problem solving program dubbed Career Readiness and Employability Program (CREP) aiming to impact students with the highly required job skills.

Launching the program, University’s Vice Chancellor Prof Lawrence Muganga noted that being a university that has grown from zero to thousands of students in just less than 10yrs, means being solution providers.

”It’s not doubtable that Victoria University is growing at a very swift speed but this couldn’t be without being innovative. We are not in Kampala to lament about how Govt has failed to provide jobs for all, actually no Government can satisfy all its citizens. We are here to tell you that Victoria University we equip our students with enough skills to enable them start their own jobs but even why they desire to be employed they also qualify because they have hands on skills not theories most Universities teach in class,” said Prof Muganga, one of the few academic pundits Uganda is blessed with.

Muganga said the secret behind this new Program-CREP is to make sure the burden of unemployment that has grappled the country’s growth is curbed.

”After realizing that most of graduates just have papers without skills, we decided to do something about it and that something is this program which will nurture our students to enter the workforce with knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to a particular career path,” said Prof Muganga adding;

”It includes a range of factors such as education, work experience, and vocational training. The Career Readiness and Employability programme is an avenue that reinforces authenticity for our students, influencing them to be globally relevant and impactful, not only academically, but also in their contribution to their society’s well-being.”

TheSpy Uganda understands that through this Programme, the University will continue to reveal its unwavering commitment to being recognized as one of the top innovation universities in the country and the world.

”With our aspiration “To be the World Class University in Transformational Education,” we continue to embrace free inquiry and expression. Our motivation is to give our learners what they want — relevant complex experiences that prepare them for the challenging future. Our authentic learning education model focuses on experiential and work-integrated learning, where our students can learn by doing real-job placements that last throughout one’s study period,” added Muganga.

He said that through this Program, students will be able to access relevant internships in their areas of specialization, study tours, exchange programmes for experience and exposure, creativity, and expert mentorship for those with life-changing ideas to be turned into innovation and start-ups, even to generate more jobs.

”Our students open themselves to seeking feedback from mentors and supervisors, helping them identify areas for improvement and develop a plan for enhancing their skills. Our Career Readiness and Employability coaches will support our students in finding suitable careers by focusing on their strengths and what’s important to them. This CR&E Programme will help us produce outstanding employment-ready graduates,” noted Muganga who is passionate about authentic learning which he elaborates more in his book titled ‘Authentic University: Transforming Education for a New Era’ which can be accessed via major online bookshops including Amazon.

The Professor added that through this Programme, the University will continue to attract partners worldwide, leaning into its internationalization pillar that supports its quest to build a distinctive future.

”This Programme opens our students and graduates to more significant opportunities for global advancement and a broader labour market. This plan explains why we have launched our Overseas Programme for graduates and students of Nursing and Midwifery, Information Technology, and Tourism and Hospitality,” said Muganga.

Muganga further noted that his graduates have already secured companies abroad willing to employ them as soon as they graduate.

”Some will travel in and out of the country during the summer for work under our IT and Tourism and Hospitality Programme for Graduates and students in Germany, thanks to Arbeitsvermittlung Westfalen-Lippe company in Germany. In the United Kingdom, we have partnered with CWG Recruit to support our graduate nurses and midwives to secure employment placements,” he said.

Muganga later unveiled singer Sheebah Karungi as the University’s Career Ambassador 2023.

”Sheebah dreamt big to excel amidst several storms in her life; we teach, believe, and support all our students to dream big, and she will be a living example for them and we are proud to unveil her as our brand ambassador 2023,” said Prof Muganga.

Sheebah was born and raised by a single mother in Kawempe, a Division, and suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Despite dropping out of school in Senior two, she started dancing for money at 15 and developed a successful solo career in music.

”We support all students who think or are ready to think and dream big, just as Sheebah did. We are here to nurture people’s dreams and innovations through the training they receive,” said Prof Muganga adding;

”As our 2023 Career Ambassador, Sheebah will exceptionally be our voice in explaining the value of this Programme to students, employers, parents, and graduates. She epitomizes what we believe in. Through the Career Readiness and Employability Program, we will inspire millions of other young people worldwide to unlock their full potential and achieve excellence.”

At the same launch, AIGP Godfrey Golooba who was the Chief Guest, said the CREP program is an answer to the probrems that government has been aiming tirelessly to solve.

“Am happy Victoria University has joined us with solutions on how to make this country a success for everyone. We are yet to see employment ready students courtesy of this powerful university. Thanks Prof Muganga for your wise leadership,” noted Afande Golooba the Uganda Police Human Resource Officer and a Brigadier General in the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF).

He also commended the university for sourcing opportunities for it’s students using the international connections.

“Your global partnerships will help our students to make it as international resources and impact not only Uganda but the entire world. We are as Ugandans we can’t take your existence in this country for granted and that’s why I call up on every one who yearns to succeed to join this university. No need to fly our children abroad, for what reason really would you by pass this mighty university,” wondered AIGP Golooba.

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