We’ve Seen Enough Of Your Poor Policing During Elections, This Time Behave-Mukula Cautions Police On Soroti By Elections

We’ve Seen Enough Of Your Poor Policing During Elections, This Time Behave-Mukula Cautions Police On Soroti By Elections

By Spy Uganda

The NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula has called upon the people of Soroti East to vote for a candidate that will work with the ruling government to provide effective service delivery to the people in the region.

Mukula made the call while addressing the Press on Monday at his country home in Soroti City. In his address, Capt Mukula said that the party had offered the best candidate for the people of Soroti City East who would ably represent them and that the party had readied its mobilisation arsenal to secure a win for the people.

“There appears to be no effectiveness and cooperation between the people in terms of service delivery. Soroti City needs a leader who will lobby for services for his people, because of good working relationship with the Government. The NRM will tomorrow present its candidate to the national Electoral Commission with enough experience and we have galvanised enough support.,” Capt Mukula explained.


He added that Hon Ariko was fully qualified to lead the people of Soroti City East due to his experience as a former legislator and the fact that he is an opinion leader on a number of sectors.

The party leader added that the City needed a person that would help connect the people to the government programmes such as the Parish Development Model (PDM) that are geared towards enabling the ordinary Ugandan join the money economy.


“Politics in the opposition is about opposing everything that the government does, this is not right. Government has introduced the PDM, each ward in Soroti will receive 100m from government, this requires committed and focused leaders to follow up on these programs,” Mukula added.

The seasoned politician added that they had lodged a request to the security agencies not to interrupt processions during the by-election.

“We have urged the security not to interrupt the movement of any procession because the opposition has always hidden their weaknesses with the police interventions. We don’t want to see any tear gas vans since we want this election, to be a free and fair, justifiable and equitable,” he added.


With the by-election set for 28th of this this month, the NRM party will officially present its candidate on Tuesday, 19th 2022 to the Independent Electoral Commission for nomination.

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