Why Speke Hotel Has Been Ranked The Most Luxurious Hotel In Uganda, Pass By Today & Have Your Special Treat

Why Speke Hotel Has Been Ranked The Most Luxurious Hotel In Uganda, Pass By Today & Have Your Special Treat

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Speke Hotel is one of the Oldest Hotels and one of the best in Uganda with over 103 years in existence and exquisite customer service.

Speke Hotel located in the heart of Kampala close to banks and business centers offering all modern services  with modern facilities at its sumptuous restaurant and heavily stocked bar to give you a thrilling experience throughout the week.

Speke Hotel also has several themed restaurants (including Italian and Indian) and one of the best cocktail bars in Uganda. Besides serving choice beverages, the hotel also plays host to a variety of offerings in music, dance and distractions of a fun-filled nature.


The Hotel is a second home you can get to escape to as the best get away You can ever have, so whether it is t a vacation, weekend getaway, or just a break from your hustles, Speke Hotel serves all your needs.

For the 103 years of pure endurance and hard work, some happy customers have since applauded Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and the entire Ruparelia group for sustaining such world class facilities in the city.


”Always at Speke Hotel we value time’s and figure out what the word perseverance truly means. We consider the fact that we’re still in business for so long. This hotel under Ruparelia Group was established in 1920’s those are 103 year’s today. Absolutely  it’s a true Blessing from God and we are extremely grateful for His abundant blessings” One of the happy customers who preferred to be anonymous  said.

”We thank chairman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. This blessing and legacy is a powerful one. Building a legacy means creating something enduring that can be passed on, its the ability to endure through generations to come. Cheers to Rajiv Ruparelia, Sheena Ruparelia, Meera Ruparelia Naiya K among others who have sustained this legacy”. he added

Speke Hotel holds a special place in the history of Uganda. Come and experience the courteous hospitality so natural to the people of Uganda noting that it’s one of the rare hotels with 1858, John Hanning Speke’s source of R. Nile story.


Against the daylight ditty of birds flying lazily overhead, he glimpsed the gentle murmur of the Nile and giddily declared: “I have found it!”

A number of years later, his ecstatic declaration is still echoed by everyone who reaches Speke Hotel. Built in the 1920s, it’s one of Uganda’s oldest and most regal hotels.

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