“Yes You Have A Right To Demonstrate,But The Sick Have A Right To Life Too” WHO Terms Medical Interns’ Strike ‘Unethical’

“Yes You Have A Right To Demonstrate,But The Sick Have A Right To Life Too” WHO Terms Medical Interns’ Strike ‘Unethical’

By Spy Uganda 

World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned interns strike terming it unethical-TheSpy Uganda reports.

“The World Health Organization with deep concern notes the worrying situation in Uganda where Medical Interns have in complete disregard of Medical ethics laid down their tools, partially reads WHO’s statement penned by Dr. Zsuzsanna Jacob Regional Director.

WHO says that although interns have rights to express their displeasure, it is not right to deny the sick medical attention. According to WHO, the government of Uganda stated that they have tried to hold talks with the disgruntled group to seek peaceful resolution to little avail.

WHO’s Statement

“Industrial Action denies the most vulnerable the basic care and attention they need to survive and thus cannot be used as a valid avenue to seek redress in the medical fraternity,” adds WHO’s statement.


Meanwhile, remember that this comes hours after Makerere University doctors also announced that they have joined medical interns who on Sunday announced a nationwide boycott of all government hospitals till their issues are sorted.

“WHO therefore calls upon the leadership of the Uganda Medical Association to seek a peaceful resolution to the impasse that may see an already worsening health sector due to Covid-19 break-dowrn further,” adds the statement.

The medical interns went on strike on 6th Nov.21 demanding better salaries, compensation for the families of doctors who succumbed to COVID-19 while on duty, more personal protective equipment and other related supplies and the stocking of hospitals with all necessary drugs- issues at the same time affecting doctors who are on strike as well.

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