You’re The ‘Political Gattamelata’ Uganda Has Been Missing-Mukasa Mbidde To Mao!

You’re The ‘Political Gattamelata’ Uganda Has Been Missing-Mukasa Mbidde To Mao!

By Spy Uganda 

The Democratic Party (DP) President Nobert Mao on Saturday was welcomed by thousands of his supporters at Kaunda Grounds, Gulu where his homecoming celebrations were held. The event was followed by a dinner hosted at the residence of Senior Counsel Gimaras in Gulu, to honor friends and supporters of Mao.

During the event at Kaunda Grounds, the Rt Hon Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa expressed his admiration for Mao’s decision to join the government and assured him of parliamentary support in all his endeavors.

President Museveni, unable to attend in person, had his speech read by NRM vice chairman Alhaji Moses Kigongo. In his message, President Museveni pledged full support to the Democratic Party and emphasized the need for Uganda to move forward, leaving behind the destructive sectarian politics of the past.

Hon Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the Vice President of the Democratic Party, and the Rt Hon Richard Todwong, the Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), spoke on behalf of their respective parties, reaffirming their commitment to the cooperation agreement between the DP and NRM.

Hon Mbidde, in his speech, referred to Mao as the “Political Gattamelata” of our times, captivating the audience with his carefully selected witticism. Mbidde’s use of a mixture of English and Acholi proverbs brought excitement to the Acholi guests.

Senior minister and elder Hon Hillary Onek commended the diplomatic demeanor displayed by Hon Todwong and Hon Mbidde as they took to the podium, seeing it as a positive sign for Uganda’s future.

Mao, in his address, emphasized the importance of trust within the Democratic Party, stating that differences in color, region, or religion should not hinder the country’s development. He urged unity and collaboration for the betterment of Uganda.

General Salim Saleh, acknowledging the historical collaboration between DP and NRM since 1986, expressed his confusion as to why the partnership ceased in 1995. Despite his lack of political expertise, Saleh commended the Democratic Party for their return to working together with the NRM.

The event was further enhanced by performances from traditional and national musicians, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Overall, the homecoming celebrations of Hon Mao were marked by a spirit of political unity and support from key figures, highlighting the potential for a brighter future for Uganda. an accessible web community

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