Bishop Joshua Maponga Hails Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu For Developing Africa Through Multibillion Investments

Bishop Joshua Maponga Hails Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu For Developing Africa Through Multibillion Investments

By Spy Uganda

Internationally acclaimed Pan-Africanist Bishop Joshua Marara Maponga last Friday paid a courtesy visit to Uganda’s mighty investor tycoon Hamis Kiggundu at his offices in Nakivubo at Ham Shopping Mall.

Both Maponga and Ham are recipients of the PAP Global Awards 2023. He was recognized with the African Philosopher Award while Ham bagged Entrepreneural and Social Impact Award.

Ham first briefed Maponga who was accompanied by the Pan African Pyramid (PAP) speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe, on why he chose to invest all his resources in Africa noting that no one can develop the continent other than the indigenous Africans.

“In one of my favorite books which I will give you before later, I show the world how success and failure are simply based on reason and reality. No foreigner is going to develop your home (country or continent Afrucan), it’s going to be us to do that job. And that’s why I chose to show by doing not by talking, and it’s working. Africa is not poor, what we need is to use our brains as a master piece,  we shall concur,” Ham Lectured as Maponga and Irumba nodded their heads in submission.

Remember Ham is the proprietor of Uganda’s known mega-companies including; Ham Agro Processing Industries, Ham Agro Processing Industries, Ham Towers and Ham Shopping malls, Ham Palm Villas, Ham International Express Logistics, Ham International Ltd, Ham International UK Ltd among others.

After a lengthy talk, Ham took Maponga  and team on a tour to some of his investments including multi-billion Nakivubo Stadium whose works are on the final stages.

The stadium will have a capacity of 35,000 people upon completion and from a realistic and reasonable point of view this is not just a stadium but a legacy and clear illustration to all Ugandans that if the country is to develop it’s a responsibility of everyone.

Ham is among the very few if not only African with a world-class stadium on the continent. Other swanky stadia the continent is proud of are;  Cairo International Stadium (Egypt),  FNB Stadium (Johannesburg, South Africa),  Stade des Martyrs (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) and  Borg El Arab Stadium (Alexandria, Egypt), all of which are government aided, it’s only Ham’s that’s privately owned state-of-art stadium in Africa.

Ham pledged to continue supporting Pan-African Pyramid social impacting programs like the Awards among other projects.

Pictorial Of Maponga, Ham & Speaker Andrew Irumba an accessible web community

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