Bobi Wine, Mpuuga Hold Talks With US Diplomat Peterson Over Violations Of Human Rights In Uganda

Bobi Wine, Mpuuga Hold Talks With US Diplomat Peterson Over Violations Of Human Rights In Uganda

By Spy Uganda

The Leader of the Opposition (LOP), Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has held discussions with the visit United States Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour, Lisa Peterson over the human rights situation in the country.

Peterson is leading a delegation from the US Department of State on a mission to establish the facts about reports of human rights violations especially during and after the 14th January 2021 general elections.

Her visit according to a statement issued by the US Department of State is intended to stress the importance of holding accountable those who commit human rights abuses, including enforced disappearances and torture.

“Uganda is not operating in an island; we are part of the global family for democracy and therefore, our actions filter through the family of humans. The US being a key partner in our democratisation process, gets interested in matters that relate to democracy in Uganda,” Mpuuga said.

Addressing the press shortly after the meeting, the LOP stated that he and his team had availed the visiting US delegation with evidence to back up the accusations they make against the government in regard to the abuse of human rights and freedoms.

“You are aware that the actions of the regime over the last two or so years have been in the public arena for all to see. Perhaps, there are those out there who believe that the issues are exaggerated and therefore, some of them desire to come and have a feel and smell the air about these issues,” Mpuuga said.

The meeting was attended by among others, the US ambassador to Uganda, Natalie Brown, NUP party president, Robert Kyagulanyi, the Chief Opposition Whip, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe among others. an accessible web community

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