Bugisu Clans Petition Gender Minister To Gazette Mike Mudoma As Umukuuka Elect Of Inzu Ya Masaaba

Bugisu Clans Petition Gender Minister To Gazette Mike Mudoma As Umukuuka Elect Of Inzu Ya Masaaba

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The twenty-six clan leaders & elders of Bugisu region have petitioned the Minister of Gender Labor and Social Dev’t Betty Amongi Akena to gazette Jude Mike Mudoma as Umuguuga/Umukuuka elect of Inzu Ya Masaaba.

This was after a meeting held on Wednesday 14th September 2022 at Bungokho Clan in Mbale District that resolved the impasse concerning cultural leadership and invoked section 16 of the Institution of the Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act, 2011.

”Taking into account that the dispute has taken two years unresolved, “We do RESOLVE as the Bagisu 26 clan leaders and elders that the gazettement of elder Jude Mike Mudoma who was legitimately and legally elected be implemented to avoid a vacuum and unnecessary animosity among Bamasaaba due to lack of cultural leadership in Bugisu region, says elders.

They add that the resolutions were reached after several reconciliation meetings which were attended by several ministers, Church leaders, Bugisu region local councils and the council of elders of Inda Yo Mwambu.


”The judgments of His Lordship Hon. Justice Jesse Byaruhanga in the Mbale High Court and Her Lordship Hon. Lady Justice Margaret Apiny was aimed at bringing an end to an impasse over the rightful successor to the Inzu Ya Masaaba of Bugisu,” adds the elders.

They say the slow process of gazetting Umukuuka has created a lot of unease among the Bamasaaba and should be closed very soon to avert the animosity that may arise.

However, according to other sources, the rightful Umukuuka is John Amram Wagabyalire who is actually in office after winning Mudoma in a case that was filed last month.

”That so-called petition by clan leaders is fraudulent since there is a process that must involve both sides called by the ministry which has never taken place. Mudoma is a politician since the time he contested against Museveni at Namboole for NRM presidential bearer ship he has been seen as a gambler,” one of the sources who preferred anonymity revealed.

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