Deadly Operation Shujaa: 5 ADF Killed, More Weapons Captured

Deadly Operation Shujaa: 5 ADF Killed, More Weapons Captured

By Spy Uganda 

The Uganda People’s defense forces (UPDF) operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in joint operations with the Congolese national Army, Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) yesterday put out of action five Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) fighters.

The battle that happened at 1300hrs in the general areas of Kazinga 4 kilometers North of Tchabi located on the Bulasi _Kainama road, in Ituri province, saw five ADF fighters put out of action, four sub-machine guns (SMGs,) recovered, two Improvised explosive devices( IEDs) captured together with one military communication radio.

According to Maj Bilal Katamba the UPDF public information officer for the operation, code-named Shujaa, the joint UPDF/ FARDC forces have been pursuing the dodgy group in the forested areas of Tchabi until they finally caught up with them at Kazinga.

“We congratulate our forces for the good job done, each gun captured saves tens of would-be victims of terror actions. An IED captured saves hundreds of Wannainchi, it’s a good job done” Maj Katamba said.

The ADF rebels splinted into small groups to avoid detection but joint forces also changed tactics to be able to hunt them down. They continue pursuing them in the jungles.

“We call upon the ADF fighters to surrender to the joint forces or continue facing the wreath. We are, however, aware that some fighters were forcefully conscripted against their will, they have a chance to surrender to us now. They can report to any joint forces detaches or any government administrative centres nearest to them” Katamba said

Since the joint UPDF/ FARDC operation began in November 2021, it has been able to recover hundreds of weapons from the ADF including the deadly IEDs, submachine guns, light machine guns and thousands of ammunition. The ADF is an internationally listed terrorist organization that has been operating in eastern DRC for more than a quarter of a century. It’s closely linked with the Islamic State (ISIS)

Operation Shujaa is commanded by Maj Gen Dick Olum who was recalled from diplomatic duties from Kinshasa in December 2022 where he served as a defense advisor at the Uganda embassy for four years. He took over the command of the operation from Lt gen Kayanja Muhanga who was elevated to command the UPDF land Forces.

Pictorial Of Slaughtered Rebels & Captured Weapons an accessible web community

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