Dean Lubowa Saava Sent To Kitalya Prisons Till May 19 Over Computer Misuse

Dean Lubowa Saava Sent To Kitalya Prisons Till May 19 Over Computer Misuse

By Spy Uganda

Troubled journalist Dean Lubowa Saava will not witness president Museveni’s 6th swearing in, or will not even cover it. READ ALSO: Renegade Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava Sleeps In Kabalagala ‘University’, To Be Charged Of Criminal Libel, Offensive Communication

This afternoon Buganda road grade one magistrate remanded him to Kitalya prisons till May 19 2021, over computer misuse among other charges. Dean was presented before the court and read three charges to which he denied before being remanded to Kitalya.

Via his social media handles, Dean alleged that rtd flight Captain John Kasami recruits youth into homosexual acts, stole a Government plane, stole money from his co-founder and used the loot to build his empire in south Sudan. He also accused him of having illegal guns and being a murderer.

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“He usually invites University students to parties and when he invites you, he tells you to come with a friend. The drinks on his organized parties are always drugged so when students start losing it, he puts them into pairs; a boy to a boy and a girl to a girl before ordering them to start making love,” Lubowa claimed in his recorded video clip making rounds on social media.

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He added, ”Kasami works with police in Entebbe to deal with those big-headed would-be recruits. I would like to call upon the UPDF leadership to deal with their soldier who is busy recruiting our young people into homosexuality.” However, according to our sources, Kasami is not an army captain but a flight captain. “To know that, that guy has no clue about what he is writing because he heard ‘Captain’, now he is referring to me as an army captain, and he is calling upon the army leadership to discipline ‘their errant officer’ Kasami wondered.

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Troubled Journalist Lubowa was arrested a few weeks ago on three charges as of the time of his arrest, which includes; Criminal Libel, Offensive Communication and Cyber Stalking, an accessible web community

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