Breakdown Of What Captain John Kasaami Wants Renegade Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava To Prove

Breakdown Of What Captain John Kasaami Wants Renegade Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava To Prove an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: To dive you fast into the story, Flight Captain John Kasaami wrote to IGP Martins Okoth Ochola, complaining about an array of allegations by a one Dean Lubowa Saava, which he said had significantly affected his international businesses.

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It’s against that background that IGP picked interest and ordered CID to investigate these serious matters raised by Saava.

For over a month until yesterday, Police had been hunting for the renegade journalist who had holed up himself in a hideout in Mengo. In simple terms, like in two paragraphs fo each allegation, Kasaami wants Saava to prove the following;

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1- That Kasaami is a Murderer. He killed a worker.

4- That he is a thief, he stole/highjacked a Gov’t plane when he was still a flight captain.

5- That he stole funds from his co-Director Capt. ROY, a fellow flight captain, and used the loot to construct apartments and a Hotel in South Sudan.

6- That he forces young girls and boys into lesbianism and homosexuality. Saava alleged that Kasaami has a hostel in Town he uses to train new recruits.

7- That he is a soldier in the army and has illegal guns which he uses to intimidate and commit crimes against his ‘nemesis’ like Dean himself.

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8-Dean reportedly alleged that Kassami’s worker who was convicted for murder later escaped from prison with the aide of Kasaami’s ‘big networks’.

However, Investigations so far by police show that this inmate is still in prison serving his sentence. “In fact, his twenty years sentence will end in 2028,” police told this reporter. The only connection Kasaami had on the matter is that both were his workers and sleeping in his house which he had provided to them as workers.

Meanwhile, our feelers also confirm that Dean has just learnt that Kasaami is a flight captain not an army officer. That the title had confused him to be a soldier!

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On the issue of the guns, Dean has reportedly denied having said it.

Did You Know Saava’s Previous Scandals? Here Is Little We Picked For You!

A former NTV scribe, who seems to have turned into a scandalous star, Saava in 2019 survived being clobbered to death by an angry mob of people who alleged that he fleeced them over Shs300m after promising to find them employment abroad and later failed to fulfil his promises. Eyewitnesses revealed then that trouble for Saava started when the mob stormed his home in Namasuba, broke into the house and started clobbering him mercilessly.

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“When people starting beating him we got scared and called police for his rescue,” said one of the residents. He added that cops from Katwe police responded very fast and rescued him from the mob, before whisking him to the Station.” However, as cops whisked Saava away, one of the victims was overheard shouting that “This man is a thug! He conned millions of shillings from over 2000 people claiming he would get them jobs. But after eating their money, he went into hiding, let him be killed!”

Putting the above aside, in 2018, Saava was caged again at CPS Kampala on offenses of human trafficking and obtaining money by false pretense.

Twelve girls claimed then that he took their money on the pretense that he was to get jobs abroad, but he disappeared thereafter. Eight others who ended up in the Middle East are stranded.

“Dean deserves luzira prison kubanga muyaye, mubbi ate mufere, yes am Dean’s victim, we were 32 in number 20 boys and 12 girls he told us he had already secured us jobs and we were going to work immediately. We travelled with him to Dubai but after a week we wouldn’t see Dean any more, he travelled back to Uganda and left us in Dubai with no food, nowhere to sleep and without jobs, mean while he gave us one month visa with no return ticket so the time came the visas expired we had to ask for money from our ancestry homes to buy tickets so that we can come back home and some people are in over stay now because they could not afford to buy a ticket back home,” narrated a one Atugonza Marion, Dean’s victim.

Still that was not the first time the Police arrested Dean Lubowa, in March of the same year, the same gentleman was arrested and detained over similar charges. Well, stay logged in, TheSpy Uganda will keep you posted with more…. an accessible web community

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