Gen Muhoozi, Mwenda’s Relationship Disintegrate Over Homosexuality Comments, MP Kabanda Prepared To Replace Mortal Mouth!

Gen Muhoozi, Mwenda’s Relationship Disintegrate Over Homosexuality Comments, MP Kabanda Prepared To Replace Mortal Mouth!

By Spy Uganda

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has today announced that Member of Parliament representing Kasambya County, Hon David Kabanda has been promoted from being his Buganda Region Spokesperson to national Deputy Spokesperson, a move seen as a preparation to replace veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda who is the General’s mouthpiece.

”Hon. Daudi Kabanda was promoted from being our spokesperson in Buganda to being Deputy Spokesperson of the MK Movement. A new spokesperson for Buganda will be announced,” Gen Muhoozi tweeted on Sunday.

Appearing on one of the local TV channels, Mwenda vowed to petition the Constitutional Court to challenge the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, should President Museveni assent to it.

He reiterated that the bill is not only redundant but also ‘stupid’ in many ways saying that it is impossible for the state to regulate morality as the new bill seeks to do. “If Museveni signs this Anti- Homosexuality law, I promise you, I Andrew Mwenda, I will go to the constitutional court to challenge it,” Mr Mwenda said.

He defended homosexuality saying: “If I sit in the privacy of my bedroom with a fellow man who is also consenting, it means that the two of us will be consenting. Why do you want to criminalize that?”

This will be the second time for Mwenda to run to court seeking the nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality law after a successful petition when the law was nullified in 2014 over technicalities.

Now, Mwenda being the spokesperson of the MK Mov’t, his views left many spitting venom against Gen Muhoozi and the entire MK group with a belief that they are behind the mushrooming homosexuality in Uganda.

To clear his name, Muhoozi has today’s evening through D/Spokesperson Kabanda announced that he doesn’t support homosexuality and that whatever was said by Mwenda are his personal views which should not be linked to the Movement.

”The MK Movement would like to disassociate itself from Andrew Mwenda’s position on Homosexuality, it should be noted that his comments/opinion on homosexuality are not the official position of the MK Movement,” tweeted Kabanda adding that soon they will issue a detailed statement on Mwenda’s words that have caused bad publicity to the movement.

”The Chairman of the MK Movement Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba does not support/ condone Homosexuality and has clearly stated this before. The MK Movement will soon hold a Central Executive Committee meeting and give a detailed statement on the matter,” Kabanda defended Muhoozi.

Gen Muhoozi is among the many Africans cursing homosexuality. Last week he ordered devilish pro-homosexual companies operating in Uganda to quit if they are not comfortable with the recently passed anti-homosexuality bill.

”I hear some foreign companies (I don’t know which ones) want to leave the country because we passed the Anti-homosexual bill. We are willing to help them pack their bags and leave our blessed country forever! Uganda is God’s country! We will actually thrive without them,” said Gen Muhoozi.

In his previous tweets, he said that God created men for women and vice versa and that there is nothing sweeter than a woman on earth. Muhoozi further stated that homosexuality is a sin.

“There is a scourge sweeping our countries…killing our children. As the great African general, I must speak out and advise them. Homosexuality is a sin! Almighty God only intended men for women and vice versa. There is nothing more sweeter than a woman on this earth,” Muhoozi said.

Meanwhile, the bill that has given homosexuals horror dreams requires the signature of President Yoweri Museveni to become law. Although he hasn’t commented on the specific legislation, Museveni has previously supported anti-LGBTQ measures.

He has on several occasions rebuked homosexuality and castigated Europeans for trying to instill their ‘immoral’ practices into Africans as a string tied to the aid they offer to them. an accessible web community

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