Kenya Police Boss Withdraws Security For Azimio Leaders, Bans National Wide Protests

Kenya Police Boss Withdraws Security For Azimio Leaders, Bans National Wide Protests

The Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has confirmed that he has withdrawn security from Azimio leaders who have been involved in the ongoing anti-government protests.

Koome said that he would not tolerate leaders who incite violence and hide behind armed officers while attacking the police.

“If you are a leader, IG will ensure your safety. But how come you’re throwing stones at me while armed officers stand behind you? I will undoubtedly take my officers,” Koome said.

He added that he had not authorized any demonstrations in Nairobi, despite the Azimio coalition insisting that they would continue their protests against the alleged rigging of the presidential election.

“As the Inspector General, I have allowed no protests. You are looking for a server on Koinange street, Juja road, everywhere. I don’t understand, where is this server?” he asked.

Koome has also issued a warning against violence in the planned Azimio demonstrations set to take place tomorrow.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Koome urged Kenyans to go to work as usual and assured them that the police will ensure security is maintained.

“Kenyans should go to work tomorrow, and the police will ensure their safety. We will not allow anyone to disturb our country’s peace,” he said.

Koome went on to say that individuals who intend to use violence and are equipped with dangerous objects like machetes, stones, and clubs will be punished. He cautioned that they would be detained by the police and arrested regardless of their status.

“Others have stated that they will bring violence to Nairobi tomorrow. Nothing of the sort will happen because the police are ready to keep the country safe. Anyone found in possession of offensive weapons will be arrested,” said Koome.

“I will put you in a Land Cruiser regardless of your status. I will not arrest anyone in Prados; I have enough Land Cruisers,” he added.

Koome described the reasons for the protests as “political problems that require political solutions,” adding that he had a duty to protect the country. an accessible web community

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