Grief Engulfs PAP, Spy Uganda Family After Losing Their Own Karungi Christine

Grief Engulfs PAP, Spy Uganda Family After Losing Their Own Karungi Christine

By Frank Kamuntu 

Kampala: Pan African Pyramid (PAP) Non Governmental Organization and Spy Uganda members are battling a terrible-tearful situation after mysterious death of their fellow staff Karungi Christine aka Tina Tana.

The sad news was announced yesterday evening by the PAP founding Speaker/Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe via the Organization’s social media platform leaving every member completely shuttered.

According to Irumba, Christine who was a committed and restless marketing manager of Spy Uganda and a staunch-workaholic member of PAP succumbed to high blood pressure in the late hours of Saturday.

“Members, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I have just got a call that one of us here, @⁨Tina Spy⁩ (Christine Karungi) is dead!!!! According to available information so far, the cause of death is High blood pressure!

It’s hard to believe again, but life is soo delicate. Let me go to their home to get full details. Rip,” announced Irumba.

PAP team spearheaded by Speaker Irumba joined Tina’s family members and friends at the vigil in Najeera last night.

We have since learnt that Tina’s burial is today-Sunday in Mbarara Nyamityobora and as we report this, PAP and Spy team is already on the way to Mbarara for burial.

The untimely death of Christine has since left his fellow workers’ hearts broken into pieces and have since eulogized her as follows;

Kasuti David; Very sorry indeed comrade.

Speaker Andrew Irumba; I’m telling you. I’m sooo, extremely devastated. It can’t be Tina. A very active member on all fronts, any time. Oooh my Tina Tana, as I fondly called her, since our days in Splash, then again at PAP and Spy Uganda. I will miss you dearly. Rip🙏🙏.

Kalangala Woman MP-Hellen Nakimuli Walusimbi; What!!!!! OMG, the one who hosted us when we went to Nakivale. OMG!!!
RIP Beautiful soul. She was such a darling.

Kamuntu Frank; Oh my God!!! This is the saddest news of the year oh my God Tina!!! Ohhh!!! So heart breaking for really!!! Can’t immagine Tina is no more!!

Ahumuza Franklin Joan; Are you sure Frank???? Oh Lord grant Tina heaven!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

Kimome Ruben; Oh dear. Life is real short. It’s so bad. May Christine’s soul rest in peace.

Brian Tumuramye; I can’t believe that Tina is no more😭😭😭.

Emuk Benjamin; Ohhh! No,this must be a joke but Mr. Irumba never jokes. Why Tina,ohh! my. She treated everyone of us at Spy and Pap equally,she never took sides.This life!

Monica Kobusiinge; Indeed this is one of the darkest days.

Mugenyi Joseph; Soo sad, may her soul rest in peace.

Hannington Mbabazi; Our Tina is already with Angels in Heaven🙏.

Cathy; My heart is sad 😭.

Brian MIU; Maybe they’re laying my dia TINA can’t go like that!!!! OMG.

Cherie Chollet; 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I’m just speechless.

Mercy; Why her God?😭😭😭😭.

Denis; When the month of November started she sent me a WhatsApp message reminding me that we were to execute the plan of praying for her late father (Mr. Tobius Tamwesigyire). This is one thing we made plans to do since the month of November is dedicated to the departed souls in the Catholic Church order and she knew I was close to the system and indeed we did. We have always chatted online late in the night because even at night she has been working but sadly enough yesterday I came back late from a function and was very tired and slept off I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and that hurts me so much. But I know Tina is watching over all of us right now together with the angels of God. Until we meet again Mazaala. May her soul be rewarded in Paradise🙏🏿. an accessible web community

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