Spy Uganda CEO Andrew Irumba Emotionally Eulogizes PAP Member Karungi Christine As A Dependable Leader

Spy Uganda CEO Andrew Irumba Emotionally Eulogizes PAP Member Karungi Christine As A Dependable Leader

By Frank Kamuntu

As we had informed you earlier in our previous edition, Pan African Pyramid (PAP) Non Governmental Organization and Spy Uganda yesterday’s evening lost their fellow staff Karungi Christine aka Tina Tana.

According to PAP founding Speaker/Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe dubbed Spy Uganda CEO who broke the news, Tina a staunch Pan Africanist succumbed to high blood pressure in the late hours of Saturday.

A couple of fellow Pan Africanists and staff at Spy Uganda where she was the marketing manager have eulogized Tina as a committed and restless leader. This has been backed up by Irumba himself who penned a detailed eulogy describing Tina as a dependable leader.

Irumba emotionally Eulogizes Tina;



We’ve just lost our very own Pan-African Pyramid and TheSpy Uganda staff, Karungi Christine ,whom I had nick named #TinaTana!

Tina, I know you’ve gone at a very tender age. But I’m here to testify on your behalf that, you very well qualify a statement that, IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG YOU’VE LIVED ON EARTH,BUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE ON EARTH.

Your short lifespan gave hope to millions of hopeless human beings, especially the refugees we used to visit every December and bring a smile and hope to. I remember you hosting us at your home in Mbarara on our way to Rwamwanja refugee camp in 2018 when your grandmother woke up early morning and prepared breakfast with a smile for over 30 strangers who invaded her home early morning. She prayed for us, we did exercise in her compound, showered in her bathroom to organize ourselves again for the journey.

Tina, I remember our days at Britania Allied Industries Ltd (Splash) with our top bosses in Marketing department, ms Oyella Suzan , ms Esther and Mr.K R Sridharan.

Tina with all your life’s difficulties,you tried your best to sacrifice for others. I knew you better and you knew me better.

I reminisce our hustles when we were incharge of Britania’s Exhibitions at major state functions. I would always request Ms Suzan to give me Tina because I knew your work ethics, we had connected so well in regards to work that’s why I always opted to work with you.

At Spy Uganda or PAP activities, If I sent team for an assignment and Tina was among them, I wouldn’t worry so much, I knew they were with a dependable leader. A leader whom I had trained for years to organize than agonize. I was always comfortable if Tina was among the team for any assignment.

But Tina, I’m comforted by the fact that, I know you are in a safe place Tina. You only lived for a purpose here, if God thinks you’ve completed your purpose, I can only thank him for enabling me know you.

May God bless and rest your soul in eternal peace. We will meet someday Tina, I promise. Goodbye Tina. Oooh life….”

We have since learnt that Tina’s burial is today-Sunday in Mbarara Nyamityobora and as we report this, PAP and Spy team is already on the way to Mbarara for burial.

Pictorial Of Tina During Her PAP Times

Tina In Field With Some PAP Members
Tina Receiving An Assortment Of Items For Refugees From One Of The Pan Africanists
Tina During Refugee Aid Collection Activities
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