I Will Never Call Bobi Wine Honourable – Bebe Cool

I Will Never Call Bobi Wine Honourable – Bebe Cool

By Samuel Opio

20 years ago, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine were close friends when they had just joined the music industry, 5 years down the road, the two became great enemies and the hatred between them keeps on tightening every day. It’s more than clear that the two will never reconcile and become friends again.

While appearing on the Capital Gang on 91.3 Capital FM on Saturday, Bebe Cool was asked about the recent scandal that took the country by storm when Police blocked Bobi Wine’s show in Busabala but allowed him to stage one in Kiwatule, Bebe Cool stated that, for the years he has known Bobi Wine, he will forever be Bobi Wine to him and not Hon Kyagulanyi.

“For as long as Bobi lives to me he is Bobi not Hon Kyagulanyi. I use all my tools. I ask that you guys excuse my music game from politics because I’m a musician and we have always been musicians. The best way to look at it, is I went and got the clearance letters for my show. How do you go ahead and advertise before clearing?” he said.


“Why do you want me to feel for Bobi Wine when he doesn’t feel for me? I didn’t ever hear anyone, the Lord mayor and The Capital Gang talk about me when those fans had pelted bottles at me, because I also make a living out of music,” he added.

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