‘Iran Killed 139 American Soldiers, 146 Injured’ – US DoD Confirms

‘Iran Killed 139 American Soldiers, 146 Injured’ – US DoD Confirms

By Andrew Irumba

The government of the United States of America has confirmed that Iran air strikes on its bases in Iraq left 139 Americans confirmed dead and 146 others nursing grave injuries.

The attack at Al Assad which was in retaliation to America’s killing former Iranian General Qasseim Suleimani, also left several helicopters, cargo aircraft and other military infrastructure worth millions of dollars destroyed.

Letter from Pentagon’s James P. Hog to Congressman Bennie G. Thompson

The shocking revelation was made in a letter dated January 13, 2020, written by James P. Hogan, of the Department of Defence (DoD), Office of Freedom of Information Act in the Pentagon, which  is addressed to Congressman Bennie G. Thompson,   Chair of the Homeland Security Committee,  House of Representatives, which states thus; 


“Dear Congressman Thompson,

This is in response to your January 10, Freedom of Information Act (FOA) appeal concerning Iran’s missile strike on US in All Assad airbase in Iraq on January 8 and its subsequent  damages and casualties.


Following a detailed examination of USA in Al Assad airbase by DoD Special Investigative team,  concluding estimates are as follows;
Total Number of Casualties 285 (139 deceased, 146 Injured)

Extensive damage to 15 helicopters including 1 Blackhawk, 2 Cargo Aircrafts and 3 MQ-1 Drones

Extensive damage to Base Command Centre, 3 Hangars, 3 Barracks and 10 military tents
Relative damage to Air Traffic  Control Tower and base’s runway.


Initial Assessments indicate mentioned damages will cause total impairment of Ain Al Assad airbase activities for at a least 3 weeks.

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