Min. Ogwang Crowned ‘King’ Of Katakwi On Rooftop Throne

Min. Ogwang Crowned ‘King’ Of Katakwi On Rooftop Throne

By Spy Uganda

Newly appointed State minister for Information and Communication and National Guidance Peter Ogwang has Saturday afternoon been crowned by hundreds of his supporters as the ‘King’ of Katakwi.

However, the most hilarious thing about his crowning was that he had to risk his life by climbing an old, rocket house, such that he could be seen by all his supporters.

Our Spy reveals that Ogwang had gathered several of his supporters at function aimed at thanking God and President  Yoweri Museveni for the ministerial position.

Minister Peter Ogwang on the Rooftop throne

However, since he couldn’t easily be seen his supporters, Ogwang decided to climb the mud and wattle house, where he sat on a plastic chair to address his supporters.

Ogwang, who is also the Member of Parliament for Katakwi district, had returned to the area to interact with his voters for the first time since his ministerial appointment. 


We have however since learnt that Voters crazily lift Minister Ogwang up on the roof of the new National Resistance Movement (NRM) office in Getom Sub-county as a way of commissioning it, as a way of welcoming him back to his home area.

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