It’s Not Ugandan Army Slaughtering You, It’s A Rebel Group Sabotaging Our Operations-UPDF Pleads To Congolese

It’s Not Ugandan Army Slaughtering You, It’s A Rebel Group Sabotaging Our Operations-UPDF Pleads To Congolese

By Spy Uganda

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has issued a statement blaming a ”new rebel” group for trying to sabotage its Shuja operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The statement states that said the armed group is using the UPDF uniform to commit atrocities against civilians and instead blame the Ugandan army.

Statement reads;

”The FADRC and the UPDF wish to alert the public that they have critical information about the existence, in the region in which they lead military operations, of an armed group harbouring sinister clandestine plans deliberately intended to sabotage the joint military action against the ADF active in the East of DRC and discredit operation SHUJA.

The vicious mission thus plotted aims not only at sparking and promoting hostility towards the UPDF and the FADRC among the local population that they have been mandated to protect but also to create generalized panic and stampeded in this same population which welcomed and supported the coalition forces since the launch of operations against the enemies of peace.

The brief facts are that on 6th January 2022 a commercial truck (Registration no. withheld) carrying assorted goods was intercepted by the Customs Officers (DGDA) in Butembo and on inspection of the cargo inside the truck the officers discovered clothing similar to the UPDF uniform.

The consignee was a reknown businessman at Butembo. The truck had been cleared through Mpondwe border on 3rd day of January 2022 (entry No. also withheld). The truck, its cargo and handlers are all still held at the Customs Office – Butembo.

By wearing the UPDF uniform and insignia, the members of this group plan to resort to subterfuge to camouflage themselves to be able to go on an atrocious rampage to wreak un-scalable havoc including massacres in order to badly injure the image of the UPDF; ultimately creating the belief that it is the UPDF attacking the people they have saved and protected so far.”

Now, the army has reassured the public thus; ”they will not be distracted nor diverted from their mission to definitively neutralize the enemy.”

The army says that in the conduct of operation to restore peace, security and state authority, they respect human rights, international law and humanitarian aid and rules of engagement. an accessible web community

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