Kampala Parents School Registers Massive Performance In 2022 PLE Results

Kampala Parents School Registers Massive Performance In 2022 PLE Results

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Kampala Parents school has again excelled in the just-released Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results for the year 2022 by Uganda National Examinations Board(UNEB).

According to the management of the school, over 410 candidates sat for PLE and out of those, 16 scored aggregates 4.

Speaking to our Spy, the school’s principal Daphine Kato, revealed that much as the school performance was better, students must keep aiming higher each year. She also noted that although the pupils were affected by COVID-19, it didn’t stop them from performing well.


“We’ve done it again, because out of the 410 candidates that sat, 291 got first division as listed below.

Agg 4= 16 students


Agg 5 =32 students 

Agg 6= 41 students
Agg 7=43 students
Agg 8 = 42 students
Agg 9 = 37 students
Agg 10 = 31 students
Agg 11 = 33 students
Agg 12= 16 students, thus making a total of 291.

The excellent performance has maintained the school’s record of being one of the best-performing primary schools in the country.


While releasing the results today, the Executive director of Uganda National Examination Board, Daniel Odongo said a total of 811,810 students sat for the examinations out of the 832,654 who were registered.

Of these, 114,617 passed in first grade, 357,799 passed in grade two,146,583 in third grade, and 95,702 passed in fourth grade. According to UNEB statistics,  97,109 candidates were not graded.

A total of 714,702 out of 811,810 students who sat for the examinations have passed and can proceed to post-primary education according to Odongo.

Meanwhile, the released results also indicated that at least 97000 pupils failed the exams and will have to repeat the class.

“The 97,109 represented 12% of the total number of candidates who sat for the examinations in 2022. Such candidates should not be admitted to Senior One but should repeat as they will not be eligible to register for the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination later,” Odongo said.

He further added that tis number is higher than the 74,878 who failed PLE exams the previous year in 2021.

About Kampala Parents School

Kampala Parents’ school is on an international level but follows a local curriculum situated along the Lugogo bypass and has an enrollment of over 2500 pupils with 118 well-trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members with pupils coming from all over the world.

The school has been and will continue to be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered under its mission “to facilitate first-class education and civilization to children within and from outside Uganda with the hope that there will be a better community tomorrow“.

The school anthem clearly indicates that children, teachers and parents of Kampala Parents’ School glorify the lord and their prayers ascend on high to achieve school goals and aspirations.

Kampala Parents’ School is a great school with world-class facilities required by pupils to excel academically as well as promote their mental and physical growth.

World Class Facilities

  • Spacious classrooms
  • Two well-stocked school libraries.
  • Computer rooms with smart boards
  • A cookery Room with cooking facilities
  • A tailoring room with enough sewing machines.
  • Artrooms
  • A swimming pool on international standards.
  • Playfield (incl. Basketball, Netball, etc).
  • A sick bay with a qualified nurse and necessary drugs.
  • A multi-purpose hall
  • Amphi-theatre for the infant section.
  • A modern kitchen
  • Daycare

Kampala Parents’ School is a great school with world-class facilities required by pupils to improve their learning skills and promote self esteem.

The school’s academic performance is at the world-class standard because of the well-trained staff members who are talented in handling and disciplining pupils a key to success as witnessed by the good academic performance for many continuous years.

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