Spy Chief On Cloud 9 After Daughter Scores 11 Aggregates!

Spy Chief On Cloud 9 After Daughter Scores 11 Aggregates!

By Frank Kamuntu

TheSpy Uganda’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who doubles as founding Speaker and Chairman of The Pan-Afrian Pyramid, as well as president of Independent Online journalists Association (Indoja-U), Andrew Irumba Katusabe Ateenyi, is on cloud 9 following the release of yesterday’s PLE results.

Esther & Her Dad Andrew Irumba Display Results At School on Saturday Morning

Irumba’s daughter, Ayebale Esther Adelyn came in 1st Div with 11 aggregates. While picking the results this morning from the school, Sir Apollo Kaggwa PS-Kisaasi, Irumba, accompanied by his daughter Esther, mummy and Esther’s siblings, Aine Jadon and Alituha Aaron, thanked the school administration for the extra efforts they put, in ensuring the success of their daughter.

”Without your assistance as a school, my daughter wouldn’t have made it. For the last seven years, you have stood with her guiding her as teachers but also as parents therefore, we thank you and we are happy that your efforts have yielded success for her. Actually, a child spends more time with teachers than their parents. They spend 3 Yrs in Nursery, seven in primary, six in secondary and 4-5 in University. It means these teachers have alot of impact on our children. May God bless you,” Irumba said.

Esther (M), Sibling (L) and Mummy (R)

Irumba also used the same opportunity to mourn the untimely death of the school’s proprietor Haji Musa Ssewava, who died on December 15, 2022, when he disclosed that his daughter got a scholarship from him because her daughter’s mother is a teacher at the same school.


Meanwhile, Ayebale, who was smiling from ear to ear told our reporter that she wants to be either a doctor or a computer software engineer to fit in the world that has since turned digital.

See Pictorial Below Irumba, Daughter & Siblings Landing At School To Pick Results

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