Kikuubo Online Sorts Lockdown Boozing Challenges With Full Stocks Of Discounted Wines,Spirits & Whiskeys

Kikuubo Online Sorts Lockdown Boozing Challenges With Full Stocks Of Discounted Wines,Spirits & Whiskeys

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Online shopping is a decision you can take for a great outing to spend on products you’ve seen before buying. Given the unfavorable situation of lockdown on bars due to the deadly COVID-19, it’s becoming easy and much fun to shop online with Kikuubo Online the giant e-commerce Shop with all the products you need.

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Ever since president Museveni announced lockdown on most luxurious places, Kikuubo saw a gap to rub tears from its clients and as we report, it has already stocked its online bar with all kinds of wines, whiskeys and spirits from all the corners of the world.

But look here! the exceptional part of all the above is that, all the drinks are sold at a relatively cheaper price compared to other onliners who just aim at generating profits without minding about the current situation filled with numerous financial challenges.

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By the way do you know that COVID-19 is real, oh yes! it kills. Therefore why should you risk your life by sneaking into bars amidst the rapid transmission of this deadly coronavirus.

Of Course it looks awkward to spend a full weekend without sharing with your KAPOS your favorite drink, but this can be done in a modern and convenient manner by just chilling in your sitting room and press few buttons on your phone and have all you need with in a shortest period of time. How?

All you have to do is to download the Kikuubo Online App from the google play store and also on the App store for Apple users, then #Tap2Stock and with that, all your stocking up problems will be solved.

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Back to our drinks list, the weekend is a few hours away and Kikuubo has you in mind, grab yourself 10% off on all UBL products to ease you into the weekend.

Calling All Wine Lovers! Life Is Too Short Purchase Now Your Favorite Baileys.

It’s high time you stock/shop the best wine from world re-known brands at the best prices from Kikuubo Online.

Install the Free Kikuubo Online App To Have Your Black Label Now.
Just like Rumi Circa said “Either give me more wine or leave me alone,” Please don’t let your mood die for Just 51,500/=. Get the 1.5L Four Cousins Red Sweet Wine and stand a chance to win a free 1.5L wine bottle with a wine glass.
As Weekend Knocks Please Note! Your Bar Is On Your Phone.
Kikuubo Online has many offers to choose from, you can still have 10% off on all UBL products like JP Chenet which is available at a whopping of just for just 37,000/=.
Download the Free Kikuubo Online App & Drink Till Morning Without Being Intercepted By LDU’s.
Kikuubo has three different flavors of Uganda’s No.1 Spirit to usher you  with your nigga’s or family.
Avery Essential Drink After A Long Tiresome Week.
With Kikuubo, you can’t mention their full stock rather we remind you to download their app and chose your favorite drink, but this another product we can’t leave out. Get the 750ml Jameson for just 61,000/= coupled with 2 free 500ml Sprite bottles.
This is what makes Kikuubo unique that it does not only aim at generating profits but serving their customers to the satisfaction.
Spend Less, Drink To Your Satisfaction. Just Shop With Kikuubo Online You Won’t Regret. an accessible web community

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