Presidential Address: NUP Cheated NRM Massively In Buganda, Now Planning To Stop My Swearing, Army Will Crush Them! Museveni

Presidential Address: NUP Cheated NRM Massively In Buganda, Now Planning To Stop My Swearing, Army Will Crush Them! Museveni

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Contrary to the rumored insecurity currently in Uganda, HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed that Uganda is a stable country only that it is being destabilized by its enemies mentioning those opposing him whom he accuses of cheating the previously concluded polls although it could not fail him a victory.

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The President via his address tonight revealed that he can authoritatively comment about the accusations that his closest rival in the previously concluded polls the leader of National Unity Platform, Robert Kyagulanyi had filled challenging his victory saying that actually in contrary its NUP that cheated NRM drawing doubt on the authenticity of over three million votes garnered by Kyagulanyi as announced by the Electoral Commission.

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“I can now authoritatively comment about the case that was filed by Hon. Kyagulanyi against me challenging NRM’s victory since it has finally been withdrawn, In contrary its NUP that cheated us in most areas of Uganda through ballot stuffing and intimidations using our weaknesses of organizing in some areas,” Museveni noted. (

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Commenting about the ongoing abductions and insecurity against some Ugandans particularly from the opposition wing, Museveni noted that everything is done under the law and should not be a big issue to discuss adding that those ‘arrested’ are criminals who work under Kyagulanyi orders to destabilize Uganda.

“Am happy that some of those youths who have been arrested have surrendered the terrible intentions they have been planning against our peaceful country including failing the presidential swearing-in and we have released them safely back to their homes, I encourage even those remaining to drop everything evil they have been planning or else we shall continue to hunt them and crush them,” Museveni warned.

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Commenting about the COVID-19 situation in Uganda, Museveni applauded Ugandans for abiding by the set COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that have since seen the total daily cases dropping drastically before he announced that Uganda as of March 14, 2021, has only 24 patients hospitalized countrywide.

“Currently we have only 24 cases hospitalized countrywide and this is because you listened to us when we encouraged you to abide by SOPs. Although Uganda started a vaccine rollout that will see all Ugandans vaccinated, we encourage you to keep practicing all the SOPs till further notice,” said Museveni.

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Giving clarity on rumors and questions of why the first family has not been vaccinated of the same vaccine that is being vaccinated to Ugandans, Museveni revealed thus;

“I and mama Janet have not been vaccinated because we want high-risk Ugandans to first receive the vaccine because for us we are at least safer compared to other Ugandans, and also our scientists are about to develop for Uganda a vaccine that will phase out those made by Chinese and Indians,” he noted. an accessible web community

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