Ruparelia Kingdom Expands By One More Courtesy Of Son Rajiv

Ruparelia Kingdom Expands By One More Courtesy Of Son Rajiv

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Sudhir Ruparelia’s great kingdom has expanded by one after son Rajiv Ruparelia’s wife Naiya Ruparelia gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in United Kingdom’s St.Mary’s hospital, London.

After the great news of a grandchild, Tycoon Sudhir rang his closest buddies and some few family members and relatives for a dinner in a magnificent restaurant in Central London, the UK where Naiya and Rajiv were treated to a thrilling executive party full of enjoyments.

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Rajiv and Naiya got married in 2018 and she is the spirit behind the new life in their education sector.

St Mary’s Hospital London Where Rajiv & Wife Welcomed Baby Girl From

Naiya who plays a key role in the management of Speke Group of Hotels, schools including Victoria University, and Kampala Parents School, among others, spent all her life in the United Kingdom where she met Rajiv when he was a student at University. She agreed to relocate to Uganda and settle down with Rajiv to grow their father’s business empire into a mega business empire in Africa.

Who is Rajiv’s Wife Naiya?

Born in June 1990, 28-year-old Naiya is a British citizen and daughter of London billionaire Sudheer Khagram and his wife Rita. Her parents own the Boots Opticians franchises with more than 20 locations in the UK, LetchworthEyecare& Eye Xcel Ltd and they are also property developers under Golden Zones Investments with properties both in England and Scotland.

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Rajiv met her while she was a student at the City University of London. Between 2009 and 2014, Naiya worked at her parents’ Letchworth Eyecare TA Boots Opticians franchise as a director.

Despite being born in the lap of luxury like her hubby Rajiv, Naiya is a hard-working woman with a lot going on for her. She runs the Boutique Portal, an online platform where discerning individuals with great taste (and a wallet to match) can find rare items.

New Baby Girl In Ruparelia Kingdom

You will find high fashion and bespoke retro furniture on the portal. “The Boutique Portal seeks out the most unique and innovative products and services from creative businesses who are passionate about detail, design, and discovery and bring them together in one place simplifying the way people can browse and buy,” the company’s brief bio reads.

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She also works as a product development manager and director at Miracle Empire, a brand, product formulation and development consultancy firm she launched in 2016. Away from that, she is a lifestyle and fashion blogger behind Style Secrets, a blog with “life-changing valuable content” where she not only gives style tips but also inspires female entrepreneurs. an accessible web community

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