Shocking: Secrets Why  Mulindwa Fired Ex-Vipers FC Coach Miguel Da Costa Leak,He ‘Ate’ Daughter’s Fruit!

Shocking: Secrets Why  Mulindwa Fired Ex-Vipers FC Coach Miguel Da Costa Leak,He ‘Ate’ Daughter’s Fruit!

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: City businessman Lawrence Mulindwa, the proprietor of St. Mary’s S.S Kitende, Vipers FC, St.Mary’s Stadium and other properties in Uganda, is a man who has lots of deeply kept secrets. Our Spies have today unearthed one of his jealously guarded secrets, which revolves around his daughter Claire Nabagwanya Mulindwa and the former Vipers FC coach Miguel Jorge Da Costa.

Miguel Jorge Da Costa

It should be noted that Mulindwa unceremoniously fired Da Costa, leaving all soccer fans and Vipers players wondering why, because the coach was performing excellently. He had actually helped the team  improve  their rankings in Uganda’s soccer and  everyone wondered why Mulindwa would fire Da Costa instead of rewarding him. However, our Spies reveal that Da Costa firing was triggered by his passionate closeness with Mulindwa’s daughter Nabagwanya. It is said that Nabagwanya had become too close for comfort with Da Costa and the two often slipped away from Mulindwa’s watchful eye to go enjoy themselves. But as they enjoyed themselves, it so happened that Da Costa Planted a Monocotyledonous Seed in  Nabagawanya’s Wetland, which soon started germinating. It was not long before Mulindwa learnt of Da Costa and Nabagwanya’s steamy rendezvous, plus her germinating Seed. At the time, Nabagwanya was juggling Da Costa’s balls, she was also enjoying life with her then fiancé James Ndugwa and they were preparing to wed officially. So  when Mulindwa learnt about her bad manners with Da Costa he got so furious and  sources say he ordered  her to forget about anything to do with the Coach and the Seed.

Claire Nabagwanya and James Ndugwa

The businessman thereafter unceremoniously fired Da Costa and sent him packing. Shortly after  Da Costa leaving Uganda, the tycoon organised a quick giveaway (Kwanjula) ceremony for Nabagwanya and her jilted lover Ndugwa, who was threatening to call off the relationship. So in order to avoid a bigger scandal that would erupt if Ndugwa ended the relationship, the tycoon heavily bankrolled the Kwanjula which also doubled as her official giveaway. Although Mulindwa has a  home in town, the ceremony was held at his family home at Kanyike Village,Kamengo along Masaka Road. The couple  now live happily as man and wife. (Ultram) However, Da Costa left the country a very disgruntled man and up to day he still curses Mulindwa. Spies reveal that in order to cover up the scandal, Mulindwa not only heavily facilitated Da Costa to shut up, but also wetted the beaks of several editors and media house owners not to publish the scandal. But our Spies have now split the beans! an accessible web community

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