Spy Uganda CEO Applies To Become Toro Golf Club Member

Spy Uganda CEO Applies To Become Toro Golf Club Member

By Monica Kobusiinge

Fort Portal: The Chief Executive Officer of Uganda’s leading online newspaper famously known for speaking “what others fear”, TheSpy Uganda has officially applied to become a member of Tooro Golf Club which makes one  a member of the golf fraternity country-wide.

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CEO TheSpy Uganda Andrew Irumba’s Application Seconded By Kalya Courts Boss David Mugambwa And Omubiito Gilbert Mujogya Proprietor Njara Suites

According to the rules and regulations of the club, one to join them must be introduced by a senior member who has been a member for more than two years and also seconded by atleast two other senior members.


It is against the above background that the proud Mutooro from Masika Bunyangabu, was introduced by Mr.Mugambwa David (owner of Kalya Courts Fort Portal), supported and seconded by Omubiito Engineer Gilbert Mujogya Atwooki (King Oyo’s uncle and owner of Njara Suites Fort Portal ), Mr Ategeka James and Mr.Isiah Mwesige, all senior members of the club.

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“I have to mention that I was so glad to have been introduced by Mr.Mugambwa David, supported and seconded by Omubiito Engineer Gilbert Mujogya Atwooki, Mr Ategeka James and Mr.Isiah Mwesige, all senior members of the great club,” said Irumba.

Other considerations for one to join the club include;

1.You must be some one with high morrow standards in society


2. You MUST be seconded by at least 3 other senior members who have been members for atleast more than two years.

3. Your application MUST be hanged at the club notice board for at least three weeks for members to give opinions about your application.

4. General meeting of members then seats and approve or disapprove your application

4. An applicant is required to pay shs10,000 for application, shs50,000 membership, shs20,000 membership card, and shs350,000 annual subscription when your application is approved.

5.Your membership means you’re a member of other clubs across the country and other golf clubs in other partnering countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya among others.

6.Your membership qualifies you for various other social-economic benefits. (https://pragermetis.com/)

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Irumba Heading To The Club’s Course For Training Conducted By senior Golofer Omubiito Gilbert Mujogya

TheSpy Uganda has since established that Toro Golf Course located in Fort Portal, western Uganda has very credible 9 holes with mature trees lining the long sweep of the fairways and the Rwenzori Mountains hovering in the distance, the whole place is gifted with nature and hospitable natives.

“I spent the entire day with them learning. I appreciate the benefits of such social groupings. I thank you all. You can now call me ANDREW IRUMBA KATUSABE ATEENYI GOLOFER,” the swaggerific mutooro bragged!😂😂😂😂.

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