Suzan Magara ‘Killers’ Tortured By Security Operatives, Cries In Court Like Babies!

Suzan Magara ‘Killers’ Tortured By Security Operatives, Cries In Court Like Babies!

By Ronaldo N Kalangi

KAMPALA-A lawyer representing 10 suspects accused of killing Suzan Magara has told court on Friday that his clients were tortured at the hands of security officers.

Mr Abdu Hakiim Lukwago, the defence lawyer said that he interviewed all his clients when he visited them in Luzira prison and all claimed that upon arrest, they were held in what they termed a “torture prison,” in an unknown location.

“They were denied rest, tied up in a pair, forced to sleep on steep stairs, confined in extreme cold solitary confinements, treated to prolonged interrogation, beaten, subjected to electric shocks and stepped on their stomachs to vomit the water that they had forcefully drunk,” Mr Lukwago said, citing that the information he said was provided to him by his client.

The suspects include the Imam of Usafi Mosque, Mahad Kasalita, Yusuf Lubega, 32, a boda boda rider, Hussein Wasswa, 22, a hawker, Muzamiru Ssali, 27, boda boda rider and Hajara Nakandi, 35, a teacher.

Susan Magara who was kidnapped and later killed.

Others are Abubaker Kyewolwa, 30, a businessman, Hassan Kato Miiro, 22, Ismail Bukenya, a businessman and Musa Abbas Buvumbo, 23.

Mr Lukwago said his clients as well revealed that their dignity was trivialized as they were kicked while prostrating to pray.

He said the aim of the torment was to force his clients to confess to being responsible for the murder of Magara who was a cashier at Bwendero Dairy Farm (BDF).

Similar allegations have been made in an open court by the accused persons on their previous appearances before Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court.

To that effect Mr Lukwago sought court to order for a private medical examination to be made on his clients.

He asserted that once court grants his request, allegations of torture will be confirmed through the medical report. This will embarrass the security officers who violate human rights they are in charge to protecting. (Ambien)

In reply, state prosecutor Ms Patricia Chingtho asked court not to allow defence request asserting that examinations of suspects can be done by Police. an accessible web community

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