Uganda Must Re-run Elections Without Museveni On Ballot Paper-Ousted UK MP Paul Williams

Uganda Must Re-run Elections Without Museveni On Ballot Paper-Ousted UK MP Paul Williams

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Former Member of Parliament for Stockton South in England, Paul Williams has urged UK government and the international community to isolate Uganda’s president-elect Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, remove him from power and organise fresh elections.

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Dr.Williams who failed to retain his MP seat in 2019, consequently losing it to Conservative Party’s Matt Vickers, wants aid to Uganda suspended by the UK and other western powers.

“My views on news the UK Govt’s suspended a small amount of aid to Ugandan military and police after Nov 2020 arrest of Bobi Wine. It’s time for the UK, US, EU, and AU to join the millions of Ugandans who voted for change and say ‘enough is enough,” Williams said.

Williams described the aid freeze as largely symbolic gestures, calling for an isolationist policy against the Museveni administration.

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“The international community should be isolating President Museveni for his actions. Instead, the UK is making largely symbolic gestures,” ex-MP Williams tweeted.

According to Williams, there must be an insistence on Museveni stepping down and then a fresh election held.

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“We must insist Museveni step down and new elections should be run independently in a free and fair climate so that the will of the people of Uganda can be heard. Until that happens all military, development and other co-operation and support should cease,” he said.

Williams first expressed his dissatisfaction with Ugandan elections after Museveni was announced winner having obtained 58% of the vote against Bobi Wine’s 35% adding that Museveni used COVID-19 as an excuse to restrict the campaign activities of the opposition.

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“Internet shutdown on government orders from day before the election until now. Evidence of stuffed ballot boxes in Gulu, Kitgum, Tororo. Returning officers found with pre-ticked declaration forms in Kawempe. Ballot papers delivered very late to opposition strongholds in Kampala,” Williams said.

This is not the first time Williams has castigated Museveni and Kampala. He has severally called for sanctions against the president and country in recent years. an accessible web community

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