Mind Your Own Business-Muhammad Nsereko Trashes EU’s 19 Resolutions Against Museveni’s Gov’t

Mind Your Own Business-Muhammad Nsereko Trashes EU’s 19 Resolutions Against Museveni’s Gov’t

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Kampala: The Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has rubbished the involvement of the European Union parliament in Uganda’ political affairs.

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According to Nsereko, such involvement is “rubbish” as Uganda needs to be given the freedom to find homegrown solutions for its own problems.

While appearing on NTV Uganda’s political talk show “ebigambo tebita” this morning, Nsereko noted that Uganda and Africa can independently handle their problems.

“That is nonsense, when did whites get so much love for Africa? When they were taking our grandparents for slavery? I can not take that nonsense, I can never get excited over such,” Nsereko said.

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“When will blacks believe in themselves? I do not accept that a white said so, what did they do in Libya? I defer from them; we must have homegrown solutions. Whites have no interests for anyone, their interests are permanent and selfish,” Nsereko added.

Nsereko added that the EU and the likes have no interest in whoever leads Uganda, but who supports their interests in the end and further advised Ugandans not to get involved with such organizations because their interests do not help Africans but rather exploit them.

This week the European Union (EU) Parliament called for sanctions against independent individuals who are responsible for human rights violations in Uganda.

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The EU parliament took account of the human rights violations in Uganda, particularly focusing on the January 14th elections which they said were “neither democratic nor transparent.”

The EU parliament came up with nineteen resolutions that were approved by 632 votes in favour, 15 against, and 48 abstentions and reiterated that sanctions against individuals and organizations responsible for human rights violations in Uganda will have to be adopted under the new EU human rights sanction mechanism, the so-called EU Magnitsky Act.

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Among the resolutions was that the EU parliament condemned what they called harassment and the systematic crackdown that was faced by political opposition leaders in Uganda, as well as the ‘suppression of civil society’.

The EU parliament said in another resolution that, “all those arrested and detained for participating in peaceful political assemblies or for exercising their right to freedom of expression and association must be released immediately and unconditionally and have their charges dropped.”

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