UK Based Ugandan Pastor Kidnaps Own Child From Ex-Wife

UK Based Ugandan Pastor Kidnaps Own Child From Ex-Wife

By Our Reporter

A Ugandan pastor based in the United Kingdom where he has a powerful church has been accused by his ex-wife of allegedly kidnapping their son.

TheSpy has learnt that there is a bitter war raging on between  singer Fiona Mukasa Wamala and her ex-husband Pastor Godfrey Mukasa over the custody of their children, which has led Mukasa into kidnapping one of their sons.

It all started a few days back when Mukasa went to Wamala’s place in Greenwich, UK and picked one of their children, saying he was taking the boy to spend a few days with him at his home in Croydon, where he has a church and a wife.

Fiona Wamala’s post about her missing child

Wamala claims however, that instead of returning the child as agreed, Mukasa decided to unlawfully take possession of the boy and locked him up at his place.

It is said that after going days without seeing her son, Wamala first made an announcement on social media about her missing child, before she contacted the UK police.

Wamala’s other post

Now Wamala alleges that Mukasa and his wife Jessica Kibuuka are plotting to take custody of the children and raise them as their parents, which she has vowed not to accept.

Wamala, who is daughter of legendary musician Elly Wamala, got married to Mukasa a few years back and they produced four children although they later separated.

She fell in love with a lover boy later identified as Julius Ssekawunde, but she divorced him barely two years after their marriage. an accessible web community

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