We Can’t Take UK Terror Warning For Granted, Our Officers Are On High Alert-Enanga

We Can’t Take UK Terror Warning For Granted, Our Officers Are On High Alert-Enanga

By Spy Uganda

Last week, the UK Embassy in Uganda issued a terror alert to its citizens in Uganda and those planning to travel to Uganda. They urged those in the
Country to be vigilant at all times, especially in crowded areas and public places like hotels, transport hubs, restaurants and bars and during major
gatherings like sporting or religious events, and when in close proximity to Government buildings or security installations such as Police stations, among

The above has since left many Ugandans in fear simply because some of the previous alerts from a few Embassies, have been followed with actual terror

However, Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says the way the advisory was released, makes it difficult for the Joint Security Agencies ’s to determine, the specific threats other than the general information, the alert and advisory does not mention the terrorists, their targets and whether the threats are imminent or not.

”We do however, acknowledge their concern, and are using the general information, to determine what protective security response may be required,” says Enanga.


Last month ADF terrorists attacked Lhubirira Secondary school, where 38 children were killed, others were put at risk prior to that, using their domestic cells, the ADF carried out targeted attacks, on Police officers, at Police stations, other high-profile individuals, businessmen and communities in Komamboga and Butambala.

Enanga says despite these incidents, a resurgence of the ADF, inside the Country, remains significantly lower. ”Their bases in the DRC were dismantled, giving them a severe blow. In addition, their domestic cells in Uganda were also dismantled and their collaborations/ agents rounded up.”

”As a Country, we need to maintain our resolve. The Community must share responsibility for our security and stand with the Joint Security Agencies, to demonstrate that there is no space for terrorism in Uganda,” says Enanga adding, ”We further urge the public not to provide shelters for terrorist groups, or even supply them with recruits for radicalisation, as this will only give them a base to attack Ugandans more.”

He adds, ”Our focus therefore is to empower the whole community to remain alert and maintain the safety and security of those places, where they live, work and socialise. If you see or hear something unusual, or suspicious, report to the Police. Any piece of information could be important. In addition, stay informed and prepared for emergency situations. Be aware and watchful of people using recording equipments like camera phones or seen making notes and sketches, people paying close attention to specific entry and exit points, people loitering at or near premises for long periods, watching staff, visitors and deliveries, people asking about buildings, room layouts, security or parking, etc.”

”In addition, our Joint Intelligence components continue to share information and intelligence, to prevent all forms of targeted violence and terrorism. For instance, on the 29.06.2023 at around 11:30am, 3 ADF suspects were put out of action during a gun fire exchange, at their hideout in Toonde village, Nsala Parish Lwamate sub county, in Kiboga district. An SMG rifle with 25 rounds of ammunition was recovered at the scene.”

Enanga says they have already arrested a one Adomat Christopher a 42-year-old resident of Bazaar cell, Arua district with a consignment of suspected explosives, that he was attempting to smuggle through Mutukula on the 26.06.2023 at 4:00pm. He claims they were given by a Tanzanian businessman only known as Donald, for him to transport them to the DRC for gold mines.

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