Yes I said It: You’re Indian Not Ugandan-Mukula To Sanjay Tanna

Yes I said It: You’re Indian Not Ugandan-Mukula To Sanjay Tanna

By Spy Uganda

Eastern Uganda: The NRM Vice chairman Eastern Region flight captain Mike George Mukula who is in fierce battle with budding businessman Sanjay Tanna to retain his seat, is on spot again on allegations of continuous promotion of sectarianism, racism and discrimination amongst Ugandans of different origins.

As the party looks forward to have elections, Mukula is struggling to convince voters to vote him such that he can stay in his seat on the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of National Resistance Resistance (NRM) leadership as National Vice Chairman in charge of Eastern region.

However, in his campaigns Mukula has been accused by Sanjay of using segregative messages to tarnish his name which once forced him [Sanjay] to petition NRM, Electoral Commission, Secretary General and President Museveni to act against Mukulu over his actions contrary to party constitution that urges equality regardless of colour,sex,age,race or origin. 

In the petition, he said, Capt Mukula is deliberately uttering sectarian messages while meeting party members while conducting his campaigns something that tarnishes the party’s image in the eyes of Ugandans.

“I have noted with concern the deliberate utterances of sectarian messages to NRM members by candidate Mike Mukula as evidenced by way of video clips and radio talk shows. He is trying to portray me as a foreigner and pilling all forms of prejudicial innuendos against my person,” reads the petition in part.

Mr Tanna also noted in the petition that Capt Mukula’s actions are contrary to the NRM party constitution that seeks to be national, broad-based, inclusive and non-sectarian, among others.

“The purpose of this letter is to petition your office and express our protest and dissatisfaction in the conduct of candidate Mukula and invite your attention to Section 15 (14) of the NRM constitutional provision on discipline and ethics,” the petition adds.

As if the petition was a catalyst to Mukula’s racism manners, yesterday’s afternoon while addressing delegates in Kabale, Mukula revealed that its disappointing that Sanjay doesn’t want to believe that he is not a Ugandan rather an Indian.

Mukula said that in Uganda there is no tribe or clan called Indian and so a person of Indian descent can’t be encountered among indigenous Ugandans.

Mukula said “In Uganda we have over 55 tribes and among them we have no Indians there, we have Bakiga, Banyankole, Banyarwanda, Batooro and many others, so should i call him, Mukiga, Muganda or what?”

All these to happen, Mukula was addressing a political meeting that was held at White Horse Inn Hotel in Kabale Municipality where he described himself as a Pan-Africanist and therefore believes that African problems can only be solved by Africans, adding “Look at what happened in Zimbabwe and south africa after introducing apartheid policy”

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