34 Kitagata Health Workers To Face Disciplinary Committee

34 Kitagata Health Workers To Face Disciplinary Committee

By Atwakiire Micheal Bitunga

Sheema: 34 Kitagata Hospital government health workers are to face Sheema District disciplinary committee for alleged mis-conduct at their work places, Spy Uganda reports.

According to a reliable source who gave us a copy of those health workers, the mentioned members are alleged to have got side jobs, a thing that has made them to be absent at their government work places most of the time.

“Some appear once in a month at Kitagata hospital yet they are supposed to be present daily,” a source said.


The affected government health workers are Dr Orundo George William, a dental surgeon,  Dr Odwee Ambrose MO, Dr Ainembabazi Buhamizo MO, DR Asiphas Owaraganiise MO, Dr Katwanza Brian MO,  Dr Ampaire Joas Lab technician, Dr Kabagambe Isaac, a Physician among others.

Our reporter in Bushenyi reached out to Dr Kabwiishwa Johnson,the  Kitagata Hospital medical Superintendent and confirmed the allegations and added that out of 34 , a one Dr Victor Katabalwa had already resigned, not to wait for embarrassment.

List of affected staff pinned in the Hospital

He said that some doctors take government jobs for granted hence not giving them enough time, but instead spend much of their time in private hospitals where they get side income.

Dr.Kabwiishwa told this reporter that they have already got evidence pinning some of the 34 doctors after they got supporting documents from Kampala International Hospital, Mbarara and Nyakibaare Hospitals confirming that some are their mentioned staff, yet they are Gov’t salaries. (Canadian Pharmacy)

They now await to face the CAO to defend themselves before taking further action against them.


“We also already have information that some affected doctors are trying to bribe private hospital proprietors not to agree that they are working for them,” Kabwiishwa added.

Kabwiishwa also agreed with this reporter that some doctors steal government drugs from Hospitals and also ask for bribes from patients and their care takers before they are worked upon, but was to add that they are fighting the vice.

“But this vice now normally is done by junior nurses who have just come out from the school and still bankrupt, so far I have already chased some new nurses who have been disturbing patients asking for bribes,” he said.

He however appealed to Gov’t to add more drugs to Kitagata Hospital because what they get is very little compared to the total number of patients they receive every day.  Some patients are advised to buy some medicine some times because of inadequacy.

More list of affected staff pinned in the Hospital

Mr.Muhabwe Laban,the former Kitagata Hospital Chairman said that the reason as to why he was forced to leave the chairmanship of the hospital, was because he had started arresting the thieves of the hospital money, fighting against the absenteeism in health workers and all related cases, but later the thieves themselves combined and chased him.

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