Bebe Cool Accused Of Staging ‘Bottle Throwing Incident’

Bebe Cool Accused Of Staging ‘Bottle Throwing Incident’ an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Hundreds of revelers hurled water bottles and other missiles at singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool as he got on stage to perform at Cindy’s boom party on Saturday in Lugogo Cricket Oval accusing him of conniving with the ruling NRM government.

The moment Bebe Cool who is a President Museveni supporter got on stage, revellers demanded that he gets off, while other furious revellers sent him missiles of bottles, allegedly full of urine.

Hell broke loose when the singer refused to leave the stage.

As he continued with performance, revellers heckled and booed him and accused him of conniving with oppressors.

Attempts by the MC to call for order fell on deaf ears and sensing danger, the singer was later whisked away amid pelting of bottles and other objects.

However, renowned social entrepreneur also motivational speaker Frank Gashumba has said that he has a feeling that Bebe Cool is behind the bottle throwing incident.

Gashumba says that Bebe Cool must know something concerning the whole issue and that he should be investigated to ascertain whether he is the man behind the incident or not.

“SFC, FBI, CIA, KGB should investigate bottle throwing at concerts. I highly suspect this was staged for Bebe Cool to gain sympathy and attention,” he said in a Facebook post on Monday.

Adding: “No sane person can stay on stage while being pelted with bottles not knowing what is inside them. Some of us are not idiots, we went to school at the right time.” an accessible web community

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