NUP Presidential Address: Here Is What You Missed As Bobi Tore Tibuhaburwa Into Pieces In Last Night’s Address

NUP Presidential Address: Here Is What You Missed As Bobi Tore Tibuhaburwa Into Pieces In Last Night’s Address

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Last night was a tight one for Ugandans who are currently immersed in fear over ‘ongoing abductions and alleged torture’ after two giant political lions; HE. President Museveni and National Unity Platform (NUP) leader who was the top opposition candidate in previously concluded elections Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine addressed Ugandans on matters of public interest.

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Having given you the full address of ruling President Museveni last night that was broadcast via various radio and TV stations, TheSpy Uganda is here to give you what was aired by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi from the opposition wing an address that was broadcast via various social media platforms.

Kyagulanyi kicked off his address with a couple of revolutionary songs recorded by himself as a pop star and later flashed toxic grievance towards his opponent [Museveni] whom he accuses of being a notorious dictator who has since silenced almost every Ugandan via deadly means using ‘his thirsty gun men’ that has since left many in graves while others rotting in army prisons even when they are civilians.

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“Many people are missing. Many people have been tortured very badly but they fear to speak out because of Museveni’s dictatorship rule. Their associates say they were gravely intimidated. I urge people to speak out because it’s one of the ways we can stop these abductions,” Kyadondo East MP outgoing MP noted.

Commenting about some of the SOPs set by the government to curb the notorious virus, Kyagulanyi said that the night curfew that has since gone endless amidst a couple of night businesses that have closed due to unfavorable working environment is not of public interest rather its a tool used by Museveni to politically control Uganda.

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“As a person that grew up in the ghetto, there is something called a night economy. Museveni has imposed a political curfew. Many businesses are halted. During day time, towns are packed. He can’t explain how curfew is helping in the covid-19 fight,” singer turned politician added.

In a way of re-energizing his struggle mates, Kyagulanyi asserted that their struggle is still on to reclaim their “grabbed victory through nonviolent means”. He said; “What else can one do when gov’t has closed all ways of peaceful change? adding that; “We’re tired, hungry, angry & oppressed; but we still have brains & are nonviolent. We chose not to use violence & we are innocent.”

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Kyagulanyi however, urged his supporters and fellow struggle mates to desist from any form of indiscipline and violence noting that it works better for Mr. Museveni to brutalize them.

He said, “Avoid maligning and tainting characters and personalities within the struggle. Discipline must be exercised at all levels. Once we ain’t disciplined, it works for the dictator. All those practicing this MUST STOP.” an accessible web community

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