Police Intensifies Hunt For Bunyangabu MP Davis Kamukama For Issuing Ugx6.7m Bounced Check To Money Lender!

Police Intensifies Hunt For Bunyangabu MP Davis Kamukama For Issuing Ugx6.7m Bounced Check To Money Lender!

By Spy Uganda 

Police has intensified the hunt for Bunyangabu County Member of Parliament Hon. Davis Kamukama Araali, for yet another case! This time round, it’s not the alleged stealing of a motor vehicle UBJ 774Q, but issuing a shs6.7m check to a money lender which later bounced.

The money lender has ably been identified as Paul Kamomo, who does the lending business with his wife Nasasira Naume in lending money to close friends and family members at an interest.

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TheSpy Uganda has learnt that Hon Davis borrowed shs5m from Kamomo in February 2023 and promised to pay it back in three weeks with an interest of Ugx1.7m, making the total sum to pay back at Ugx6.7m.


According to Paul, the soft spoken Kamukama has since become elusive since February, to the extent that he dodges all his calls, and when he picks by God’s grace, he tells him that he’s in a very high-level meeting or on the floor of Parliament presenting a matter of national importance, and that he would call him back, which he never does.

Paul revealed to our Spy who spoke to him on phone on Tuesday afternoon that he has since faced a war with his wife at home, only comparable to the one between Russia and Ukraine, emanating from the fact that the money Paul gave to Hon. Kamukama was for his wife and that she was tires of his endless explanations.

Accordingly, Nasasira reported the matter to Wandegeya Police  on June 8 vide case number Ref 65/08/06/2023, where she accused Hon.Davis of issuing a bounced check.

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“As you realize, that case was reported to police by my wife Nasasira Naume, because the money was hers, we’re working together. And when I gave it to Kamukama, I told her. So she was aware, but she got tired of his excuses and reported the matter to police,” Paul told our Spy.

He now says the MP has become elusive and very unhonourable with his behaviors, which forced them to report the matter.

Police Speaks Out

Detective attached to Wandegeya Police handling the file, on condition of anonymity told our Spy that it was true they were hunting for him since last week on allagations of selling a stolen car, but that now they had intensified the hunt when they received other multiple cases against him by several other complainants.

“We’ve resolves to now write to Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon. Anita Among to order him to present himself to police or we shall waylay him like any other ordinary citizen, because he has failed to respect himself. He was supposed to bring himself to police on Monday as he promised, today is Tuesday and he’s not picking calls,” said a detective.

This is Davis’ third scandal in a period of less than a month. He was a few days ago put on the wanted list after he took a loan from a money lender and put his friend’s car as collateral without his knowledge. The owner of the car had to take matters to the Police and opened a case of stealing a motor vehicle against him. This case is the reason police has been hunting for him.

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Before that, the Chief Magistrates court at Mengo remanded the Honourable to Luzira for six months over a shs69.1 million debt, although he is now out after he made partial payments on the same.

It is said that in 2021, Kamukama, borrowed shs29 million from Dahu Investments Limited but because he failed to pay, the loan accumulated up to shs69 million and when he was asked by court to at least pay shs10 million cash and clear the balance in installments, he still failed to mobilize the funds thus sending him to Luzira.

“You are hereby ordered to receive Davis Kamukama into civil prison and keep him imprisoned therein for a period not exceeding six months or until the said order shall sooner be fully satisfied,” the Mengo Chief Magistrate, Sharon Nuwaha directed the prisons authorities.

Kamukama trounced Former Minister of Defense and veteran affairs Hon Adolf Mwesigye to become Bunyangabu MP in th 2021 general elections. Adolf later bounced back at Parliament as its Clerk after he was appointed by H.E the president.

Our efforts to get David’s comment on the same proved futile as our repeated calls went unanswered.

Watch the space for more updates on this….

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