Sheema NRM Leaders Endorse Min. Tumwesigye As Party Flag Bearer

Sheema NRM Leaders Endorse Min. Tumwesigye As Party Flag Bearer an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders in Sheema Municipality, led by their Chairperson Mzee Spiriano Bangirana and NRM spokesperson Orisiima Milton Kahindi aka Kayaman, on Sunday endorsed Dr Elioda Tumwesigye Katsyamutwe, the Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology, as the Party flag bearer in the  2021 elections.

Tumwesigye was endorsed as the Sheema Municipality Member of Parliament candidate during a function that was organised by the Sheema District NRM Chairman at Clinka Gardens in Kabwohe, where some independent politicians and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) stalwarts crossed to the ruling NRM.

Mzee Bangirana and his Committee surprised minister Tumwesigye when they declared that Sheema municipality NRM Committee sat last month and decided that he should continue leading them by representing their Municipality in Parliament.

“In our party NRM, we follow strong pillars of Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Wealth Creation, Development and Advancement of knowledge to survive in this world. We have been so lucky in Sheema district to have two cabinet ministers serving in the same Government, for the benefit of our municipality and the whole district at large.

Some of the NRM supporters who endorsed Minister Eliodah Tumwesigye as Party Flag Bearer

We would like to remain in good relationship with our president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni by endorsing the exact person whom he dearly trusts.

We strongly hope that with Dr Elioda, being the Minister of Science Innovation and Technology, he can easily help Sheema households have adequate income and advancement in knowledge. This decision wasn’t made by two people but the whole Sheema municipality NRM council and they all signed in support of the resolution,” Bangirana said.

He also urged the NRM leaders to make sure each village in Sheema municipality has endorsed Minister Tumwesigye as the NRM flag Bearer in the forthcoming elections.

Greater Sheema district NRM spokesperson Kahindi, said that as NRM, they can’t allow their beloved party to be taken over by ‘Christmas visitors’ who even don’t know their LC chairpersons.

Mzee Spiriano Bangirana, the Sheema District NRM Chairperson

“Now like my friend Dickson Kateshumbwa; even before being nominated, he has already started bringing confusion in the party by petitioning the Secretariat in Kampala. This is ‘Sheka okabe’! To tell you the truth Dickson has never voted for any leader in Sheema district/municipality, whether in NRM primaries or general elections. He doesn’t even know his own NRM village Chairperson. Go and ask him whether he knows Sheema NRM Chairman, he doesn’t.”

He also refuted allegations that Minister Tumwesigye divided NRM supporters in Sheema district which forced some people to cross to other parties, saying that NRM doors are ever open, because there is free exit and entry.

Talking to Kateshumbwa aka Katesh, he said that those are kicks of the dying horse, because he has already convinced over 200 people to cross from other parties to NRM.

“I’m NRM and NRM is me. I have a card and number for NRM and I have never been in another party. I have already submitted my report to the President about the people who are returning to their mighty Party (NRM) from other parties and he will soon welcome them officially. Some people in Sheema think that they own NRM party, which is not the case,” Kateshumbwa said. an accessible web community

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