Sheema Woman MP Jacklet Cheats Death, Survives Being Lynched By Angry Residents After Nasty Accident!

Sheema Woman MP Jacklet Cheats Death, Survives Being Lynched By Angry Residents After Nasty Accident!

By Michael Atwakiire & Andrew Irumba

Sheema: Sheena Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru has Tuesday night cheated death by a whisker after getting involved in a nasty accident along Masaka-Mbarara Road near Akageeti trading centre, Sheema District.

It is alleged that immediately after getting involved in the nasty accident, she telephoned AIGP Afande Asan Kasingye  after yet to be identified people gathered  around the car and tried to pull her out with an intention of lunching her and burn the car.

It should be remembered that president Museveni recently appointed Jacket to investigate the corruption allegations in the ministry of energy and mineral resources where by her first assignment was in Rural Electrification Agency (REA) where just afew weeks ago caused the arrest of a one Turyagyenda at Entebebe airport while fleeing country to Morocco after reportedly stealing over US$120m from REA accounts. Following this, Jacket told the president that a powerful General in the army was sending her death threats. It’s now not clear whether the accident and attempt lynching have a connection with the General’s threats. Jacket has not yet commented on the cause of the accident.

Meanwhile, while commenting on the incident last night, trying to extend a helping hand, AIGP Hasan Kansigye appealed to near by residents via social media to come to the rescue of the youthful MP before she could loose her life to unknown people. “If there is a Munyasheema near Akageti, please help our MP Hon. Jacklet who is involved in a nasty accident. People are becoming rowdy and she’s locked in the badly damaged car. She can talk. I have instructed the RPC to direct the near by Police to intervene but also, assist if near,” Kasingye posted.

After his team secured her life afew moments later,not tiring, Afande Kasingye returned with good news this time round and said thus; “They actually wanted to burn her in her car. But, SSP Echega did a quick job and sent a nearby Police to forestall the calamity. I have advised her to switch off her phones till she gets first aid/treatment. But, she’s ok,” he said.

Flash Back:

On Monday, 2nd December 2019 while addressing Kitagata town council residents, Atuhaire revealed that some mafias whom she didn’t name were trailing her to cut short her life because of the assignments she is currently doing from the president. “Some mafias who aren’t patriotic, have tried twice to kill me but they have failed, by the way on the last attempt, they had finished me, that’s why president Museveni gave me four military body guards you usually see. And because of that,  I have already organised a thanksgiving ceremony which will take place on 19th January 2020 in Sheema stadium where president Museveni will be the guest of honor, I must thank God because the mafias had killed me. All these came after president Museveni entrusted me to investigate about the corruption in the ministry of energy where recently I caught one of the officials known as Turyagyenda at Entebbe airport fleeing the country to Morocco over numerous fraud charges,” Jacklet said.

Jacklet,her driver and her bodyguards were saved by a nearby police and taken to unknown hospital for first aid.

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