Kabaka’s Gal, Onyango Enjoy Romantic Getaway

Kabaka’s Gal, Onyango Enjoy Romantic Getaway

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By Andrew Irumba

Socialite Gareth Onyango must be thanking his ancestors for making him ‘sneak’ into  the Buganda royal family by hooking Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s daughter princess Victoria Nkinzi.

Gareth Onyango with Victoria in Zanzibar

Our Spies have revealed that  ever since Onyango started servicing Nkinzi and making her so happy, life is so good for him. Spies reveal that Nkinzi recently treated Onyango to a romantic getaway  in Zanzibar, where they enjoyed life to the fullest as he celebrated his birthday. But prior to their Zanzibar romance, Nkinzi had earlier on flown Onyango to Dubai a few months back  where they celebrated her birthday.

Gareth Onyango chillaxing

Our Spies reveal that ever since Onyango hooked Nkinzi after dumping his ex-baby mama Nickita Bachu he has been on a partying spree with the Princess. However, it is not yet clear whether she is planning to introduce him to her father H.M Mutebi or they are just enjoying a fling, because the two lovebirds seem to be so seriously into each other.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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