Abomination! Former Mbarara Secondary School Teacher Punished For Easing Himself In Bedroom

Abomination! Former Mbarara Secondary School Teacher Punished For Easing Himself In Bedroom

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By Micheal Bitunga

Angry residents of Katanga trading centre, Migina ward, Kagango division in Sheema municipality on 27th September woke up to utter shock when they found their fellow teacher Mr Emmanuel Matsiko 25, easing himself in his bedroom!

Following the deadly smell that had been coming out from Matsiko’s house, residents decided to sneak into his room unceremoniously and were shocked to find him ready handed in action.
They were all shocked after being welcomed by a mountain of faeces in all the three bedrooms including where he sleeps on a daily basis.

Teacher Matsiko who is a diploma graduate in Education from MUBS Mbarara branch, taught in big schools such as Mbarara Secondary School and Itendero Sec.School in Sheema district.

When TheSpy reporter contacted him for a comment, this is what he had to say; “my life desires to stay in a self-contained residential, but since I have totally failed to build one for myself, that’s why I decided to bathe, ease myself and do whatever I want in this house such that it can become a self-contained in God’s grace, and indeed I call it my self-contained residential”.

When asked the reason as to why he left teaching, he replied; “wherever I taught, they couldn’t pay me my salary, this annoyed me dearly and I decided to quit from teaching for the whole of my life.
I don’t need to work hard because I’m the wife and child of myself, alcohol is my daily ‘akashera ‘, lunch and supper. I call upon my friends especially teachers to join me because there is no life there”.

Residents said that Matsiko was a disciplined person but since he left teaching, he became a wild animal to the society. However others blamed the government for failing to create jobs to Ugandans especially youths,
“Do you think if Matsiko had a well-paying job would have done this? but since he has nothing to do, that’s why he is ever drunk from Monday up to Monday” residents were quoted as saying.

Matsiko was later caned and forced to clean his house. Witnesses say he collected over 10 buckets of faeces and vowed never to do it again.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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