Africa Will Never Attain Self Rule When We Still Invite European Union As Referees In Our Elections- Pan –Africanists Speak Out

Africa Will Never Attain Self Rule When We Still Invite European Union As Referees In Our Elections- Pan –Africanists Speak Out an accessible web community

By Denis Turyahebwa.

Mr David Kasuti, a seasoned Pan-Africanist who is also senior administrator and lecturer at Kyambogo University has lambasted to Africans who, during elections ‘cry’ to their former colonizers to come and referee on their elections, saying that such politicians lack clarity on the African agenda to self-rule and self-determination.

Kasuti said this on Friday while appearing on the popular Pan-African Pyramid debate on at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

“If we still have to invite Europeans, Americans etc to be our electoral referees, Africa will never have self-rule. Our independence will forever be in words. African Presidents over stay in power because super power Countries use them as their conduits to feed their interests, that’s why they become brutal and untouchable against their own electorates,” bitter faced Kasuti submitted.

Kasuti said that the reason why violence and murders in Zimbabwe elections were not on BBC and CNN news is because President Emmanuel Mnangagwa had reconciled with the whites and re-instated their position in the country before the elections commenced, so they had to pronounce the exercise as free and fair in order to get their lion’s share.

“You need to understand these whites well, ICC’S intention to free Bemba was to help him contest for the DRC presidency after exerting pressure on President Kabila, perhaps he was no longer delivering to their interests. Now with Bemba whom they’ve rescued in away….their interests will be well catered for,” he said.

He said super power nations brand African leaders ‘dictators’ to make them vulnerable and live them with no choices but to become puppets of Neo-colonialism in order to also protect their self-centred interests. “The white men are still ruling Africa through ‘soft power’ or ‘remote control’, in other words, they use fellow blacks to rule us and make us their commodities. The politician’s source of power is derived from the numbers of his following, we’re their commodities.

Kasuti said the problem of Africa are the intellectuals who address the challenges of Africa like corruption to the public but keep closed eyes on who brings about them.

These ‘useful idiots’ think they are advocating for Africans by pinning leaders to these problems, but unknowingly they are destroying Africa in favour of Neo-colonialism,” Kasuti said.

“Sovereignty and self-rule depends on how much money you have, not how well the elections have been organised, take an example; in USA a small group of people decides on who becomes president through electoral colleges, not majority vote, but America is a super power! I believe that self-rule is achievable in Africa if the African Union revises its liberation Agenda and continues with the struggle,” Kasuti said.

Meanwhile Mr Sunday Elias, a fellow Pan-Africanist and a journalism student said the tendency of World Bank and International Monitory Fund (IMF) forcing African countries to get loans behind the masks of advocating for Development is focused on keeping Africa in the armpits of Europe and America, since they attach untenable strings on the loans. an accessible web community

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