AIGP Asan Kasingye Orders For Arrest Of Bunyangabu Police Bosses Involved In ‘Killing’ A Defilement Case Of A Minor After Wetting Their Beaks!

AIGP Asan Kasingye Orders For Arrest Of Bunyangabu Police Bosses Involved In ‘Killing’ A Defilement Case Of A Minor After Wetting Their Beaks! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Tooro: Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) cool headed Asan Kasingye dubbed the force’s Political Commissar has this time only lost his cool and ordered with immediate effect the arrest of Bunyangabu District CID and Buheesi Sub-County OC/CID Andrew Mukiza for reportedly taking a bribe in a bid to silence the defilement case of an 8-year-old school pupil of Kiboota P/S, Bunyangabu District.

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This comes after the latest we are receiving indicate that the prime suspect Muzei Kaganda Joseph aged 70 yrs, the grand father of the girl, who is alleged to have been defiling a minor has already escaped from his hiding in Kinyankende, Mugusu, Burahya Kabarole District and has reportedly run to Masindi, according to sources. ”He ran to Masindi but we’re tracking him down,” the source added.

Asan Kasingye’s WhatsApp Chart With Our Reporter On The Matter 

But this didn’t shake in any way the disappointed AIGP Kasingye, who ordered Regional Police Commander Rwenzori West Afande Lameck Kigozi to immediately arrest the police officers involved in the heinous crime.

The Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga had also earlier ordered Regional CID to revisit the matter with a view of getting to the bottom of the matter by having all those implicated brought to book.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga On The Same Matter

”I am going to ask the regional CID to review the case,” Enanga told our reporter Andrew Irumba via WhatsApp chat.

Back Ground:

Muzei Kaganda came to defile the granddaughter after son Jusi Steven (father to defiled kid) left her to stay with him since he is a nomadic village pastor who couldn’t put up with the daughter as he has to attend to night prayers. Her mother too, according to sources doesn’t stay with the father of the girl.

Instead of having mercy for this young one, according to Mayor Buheesi Town Council Vincent Nyakoojo and Buheesi Town Clerk, Kenneth Bajenja, whom this reporter talked to via phone, OC/CID Buheesi Andrew Mukiza and Bunyangabu District CID connived with the suspect to kill the case after money exchanged hands.

It’s alleged that the accused police officers forced Muzei to sell his land while in the cells and the sale agreements were actually signed while in detention. It’s believed that the case vide no CRB241/2021 has since caused controversy between the political leadership of the district and the security apparatus.

According to sources, the key suspect paid yet to be known amount of money to get police bond after he was forced to sell his land at shs 10m.

The father of the girl who was arrested as well paid shs300,000/- whereas the area Chairman paid shs150,000/- to get back their partial freedoms.

The father of the girl had agreed with his father (suspect) to get land in exchange for his defiled girl’s case, but police argued that they needed their share, hence the decision to sell the same and share proceeds, sources added. “The police have been keeping them here for long while negotiating on money, they forced him to sell the land so they could get their share,” added the area Mayor Nyajoko.

The mayor also accused Bunyangabu District Probation Officer Doreen Kabakali and a government-paid Nurse at Kiyombya Health Centre of conniving to kill the case by producing fake medical reports about the girl and the suspect in which they claimed that Muzei was mentally sick by the time he committed the offense and therefore deserve to be released.

“A corrupt government nurse, paid by the taxpayer faked an examination report whereby she claimed that she subjected Muzei (the suspect) to a medical examination and found him to be mentally ill and therefore by the time he committed the offense he wasn’t in his rightful state of mind! It’s this same report police used to release the suspect,” the Town clerk revealed.

He added that he wants authorities to intervene and task this Nurse to share with them the purported medical report of the suspect and the girl.

Kenneth Bajenja added that Buheesi police CID has been involved in several corruption cases where he kills many cases upon receiving a bribe. He asked police leadership to change him immediately pending investigations.

”I appeal to police leadership to apprehend their officers and also cause the rearrest of the suspect as the girl still lies helpless in the village with no medical attention extended to her,” said Bajenja. an accessible web community

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